Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Lot Can Happen In 12 Hours

The week before an endurance event is very difficult for me. With all of the so called training behind me, its like "what do I do now?". I know its important to stay loose,stretch,eat well, and do some short/spin rides. I get that. I understand that. However, I happen to like riding my bike for hours. I call it my lifestyle. My bike= happiness. Any and every chance I get to ride I take it. I have never not wanted to ride my bike. So here I am, trying to stay busy.trying to keep my mind from rambling. I start hearing , " What are you gonna do now?" or" I wanna go ride, so lets just go ride". Its like a fight club in my head. I need to get my head 'right' this week. Kick all the negative chatter and self doubt OUT. "Can I really do 7 laps?" " Why do I ride a single speed" " wouldnt you have a better chance on gears" " did I train enough" " did I set my goal too high" " why on earth do you do this" " its gonna be cold" Yeah, I know , some of it makes no sense.

Last year the Burnin' was my 1st 12 hr event. I rode with ignorance and a lot of rage. About a month before the race I found out my mom had breast cancer. That was the rage. { She is good now} I did not have a clue how timing was done, how to handle pits, how to pace myself, or how to fuel the body. This year I do have a better grasp on these variables. I have a lot of you to thank for that. Answering my endless questions . Letting me in on what you put in your bottles. Plus having a 24 hr and another 12 under my belt helps to boost my confidence.

Now I feel like a 6 yr old waiting for Santa. Excited, nervous,and anxious describe some of it. I also expect to be throwing up in my mouth sometime tomorrow, maybe sooner. The 2009 Burnin' was a life changing event . I had not won a race before,stood on a podium, or enjoyed the 15 seconds of fame. That was really cool, but, most importantly I learned that I could do anything I set my mind to. Priceless! I have not been chasing podiums this year. Not my style. I like to push myself when I think there is no more push left in me. Mind over body. I like to be outta my box, outta my comfort zone. Achieve just one more lap than last time. Better my time . Embrace the pain in my body and mind. Beating myself .

I have set a 7 lap goal for myself this year. I had mentioned that to someone and they said" On that?" while pointing to my bike. Of course on that I said. I know that only 2 fellas have done 7 laps on ss at Burnin'. Well, the way I see it, that small club needs a female member . So, why not me? If you see me out there please holler at me to keep pedaling. Until then I will keep wondering " Did I bite off more than I can chew?"


  1. I've never heard a louder ovation than when you buckled last year. Just sayin'

    Maybe they say "on that?" because they think Connor gives you an unfair advantage...

  2. Thank you Bob for pointing out the obvious. Connor does give me a HUGE advantage

  3. Good luck. You're ready, and you're gonna kick some ass. Keep pedaling! Wish I could be there to cheer you on. Embrace the pain and have fun. You're due for a perfect race.

  4. Your Race, You Trained For It, So GO RACE IT!

    Just keep pedaling to the finish period.