Monday, July 22, 2013


If you read my blog you have heard me refer to "building my beast" often.  I think it is very important to take care of my body if I want it to perform AMAZING things.  If I want to play LONG it is mandatory.  Watching what I eat and drink, putting in the miles, you know what I am talking about. That said, I have decided to stop working on building my beast.  It's not working out so I quit!  I have now redirected myself and will be working on my WARRIOR.  My next challenge needs a warrior, you know.... a Sarah Connor type, without the Marlboro's. Remember this line " I feel a storm coming", well so do I.

  Then there is this "little extra stuff" I need to do on the side, to make me tough, tough enough to accomplish my goal.  By "little extra stuff" I mean things that scare me, push me, and generally knock me out of my comfort zone.  I have found it hurts a little, because of the will the pain is there.  Get it?

Most of the out of my comfort zone stuff has been at the gym.  If any place is going to transform me into the warrior, it will be the gym.  They have this back room, part AC, part outside, that leads to the back as an open parking lot. Running sandbags and flipping 140lb tractor tires in the midwest heat is surely gonna do it, right?  There is an array of kettlebells, hand weights, stuff to kick and punch, and platforms to jump  up on.  Endless front and back squats should prepare my legs nicely for battle.  For shits and giggles I am having my measurements taken.  I may or may not post them.

I am looking forward to riding the (youknowwhat) out of my magnificent 2012 Kona Big Unit.  I have him set up at 32x20 for the moment, will be switching to 32x19 soon.

Mr. I Have No Name

 He has just been released from those fine folks at Mesa with a clean bill of health. Along with an overall tightening and inspection, I was fit to the bike.  Hell yes! what a difference that makes.  I recently did two laps at Lost Valley and couldn't wipe the smile off my face.  It's such a good feeling when your bike works and fits correctly.  When you able to pedal along and enjoy the ride.  I had my fork tweaked, that was a good thing to invest in.  Did you know that a manufacturer is more likely to warranty your fork if you keep up the maintenance? If you ride a lot they suggest once a year.  

Lost Valley has become a lot rockier and I love the new stuff GORC put in.  A little technical and fun big rocks to ramp over.  Just a FUN spot. Which was the best place to try out my new Mavic CrossRide wheels and Specialized Ground Control's set up tubeless, of course.  

New wheels and tires

 My first lap I was a bit heavy on the brakes.  The second I tried to fly through there as fast as I could with no brakes. Speaking of brakes.... I need some, contact me if you have some for sale.  I really like the Juicy 7's I have but they will need replacing soon.  Ya know,  it felt real good to rip through and let it loose. I even hooted and hollered.  I need to do more of that too.  So do you.

Happy Trails.... Maybe I will see you out there