Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Nearly two weeks ago I lost a fight with a kettlebell.  Somehow, someway, I managed to smash my ring finger on my left hand. I consider myself lucky that it was only the tip of my finger. Otherwise, I may have broken it.  The initial impact was incredibly painful. I stumbled to get up quickly to run to the chainlink fence.  I was so close to "tossing my cookies".  I also managed to bloody a knee when I fell.  Great!  Fortunately I did not vomit and was able to compose myself before leaving the gym. You should have seen the faces of the other gym members as I emerged from the "back room" still smiling...covered in sweat, clutching a hand and blood running down my right leg.  Priceless!

Day one
Day eight

As the days have passed I have kept a watchful eye on my finger/nail.  The throbbing is probably the worst part and it looks gross.  I have been wrapping it was waterproof tape and keeping it clean. I have heard the horror stories about losing a nail and I am not interested, however, I may not have a choice. I am very thankful that my finger didn't swell and I never had to take my wedding ring off.  

 One thing... I didn't realize how important this finger is. Don't worry, I can't/won't let this stop me. You know me better than that. I do not quit that easily.  It's just a finger!  I didn't let it stop me from doing a 30 mile night ride the very next evening on the MiddleFork.  I will tell ya that it was difficult to hold on to the handlebars but not impossible.  I taught myself to brake with only my pointer fingers a couple years ago so that was not an issue.  I haven't missed a workout at the gym either.  There are a few things I am unable to do but my awesome trainer has worked around it.  Gripping bars and swinging kettlebells is harder but it can be done.

Day twelve

As of today, Wed. Aug.7th, it is much better.  The constant throbbing has ceased and it only hurts when I bang it on something or someone grabs it. You know how that happens ALL the time.   My nail seems to be intact and I am trying not to stress about possibly losing it.  Ewwwww, gross.  But, if it's meant to be, it will be.

Okay, okay.  Pass the glass of concrete!

Happy Trails,