Monday, August 6, 2012

Missouri's Finest In Leadville

The Leadville 100 mountain bike race will commence in just a few days.  This ride is a grueling 100 miles throughout some beautiful Colorado trails, complete with climbs that will literally leave you gasping for air.  I will not be attending this race, several of my friends will.  I admire them for signing up and doing the required training needed to complete this challenge.  I have stalked them on FaceBook, followed their long training rides, and tried to help them maintain positive attitudes along the way.  Allow me to introduce them........


Scott Piepert

Scott joined our team of jerks last year.  He has chosen to nut up and be Team Seagal's representative. Working hard with THE Zach Brace, another seasoned endurance rider, has made him stronger inside and out.  Scooter  has logged the miles necessary and has done them in the 100 plus degree weather we have been experiencing here in the mid-west.

  He has also attended every secret Seagal meeting to learn the ways of Superior Attitude and State of Mind. I have absolutely ZERO doubts in his ability to bring home a shiny buckle.


In no particular order, these are four of the toughest women I know.  They all have children, husbands, and hold down jobs.  Where did they find the time to ride???  And the answer is.... they made it a priority, they made training important and found a way.  These women have very supportive families and friends who are behind them.  I believe in you girls..... 

Laura Scherff aka FAF

Karen Holtmann

Kerri Schewe

Mia Russell Phillips


The men pictured below are super badass endurance athletes.  They all have a wealth of racing experience to draw upon.  Todd recently crushed the DK200 in Kansas.  Both Nathan and Jay are super f'in fast but, will need to hone their patience skills for this challenge.   Craig is a triathlete and this will be his first 100mile mountain bike race.  

Todd Holtmann

Jay Wright

Nathan Lafferty

Craig Bakker

When I asked Craig what he expected from the experience he said,
 "As for the race I expect it to be fun, painful, and rewarding but not sure in what order." 

Take a few pointers from Scooter.  The hard work is done.  Relax, YOU GOT THIS!