Monday, February 20, 2012

In With the New

I have been struggling to write my first new blog post, so I came back to where I am familiar.  This blog has been a huge part of my life and I am sad to put an end to it.  I will not be deleting it, just not writing in it any longer.  When I started writing A Pabst Smear, in April 2010, I had no idea where my written word would take me.  The more I wrote the more I grew as a human.  Maybe I should say... evolved as a person.  The feedback I received fueled my fire and kept me motivated to stay at it.  Somewhere along the way, I found myself writing more as myself, Wendy, than I did as Sasha, my Team Seagal nickname.  What started off as some random chick's mountain bike blog, grew into something bigger.

In short, I have a story to tell you.  You may have heard others like it, but I can assure you, it is not nearly as honest or entertaining as mine.  Hell, I have shared my  poison ivy hell, cataracts, kidney stones with you guys.  So, pretty much nothing will be off-limits.  I can promise many adventures by bike and foot, solo style and with friends.  I will keep the gear reviews coming and contests. ( I absolutely loved doing the blog name contest. AND  I have more socks. )  It has been one hell of a journey and I can't keep it to myself any longer. I want to share what I have learned. It's time to shout it from the rooftops and inspire some more people to do the same.  Get off the couch, go outside, move your body, and start living YOUR life out loud.

Become a follower here. Hop on my FaceBook page here.  It's going to be a wild ride.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And The Winner Is.....

I want to thank each and every one of you for sending me suggestions for a new blog title.  It was a very difficult decision deciding who the winner would be.  I had received over 50 suggestions.  Way more than I expected.

This is the new blog.  It will take a while to get it in gear, so to speak.  I will let you know when it goes live. The content will NOT change.

Congrats to you. I will get those awesome socks to you ASAP.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Health

Valentine's Day is just a few days away.  Some of you may be struggling with what to give your active sweetheart.  I urge you to 'think out of the box this year'.  Look past the stuffed animals, the huge boxes of chocolate, and further past the diamonds and expensive dinners.  I want to provide you with some healthy and very practical choices for that someone special.

I have never been a fan of flowers, and my husband knows better than to give me chocolate in obnoxious quantities.  I do not need a enormous box of garbage that will negate all my hard work to be healthy and fit.  Neither, do I want to absorb a tremendous amount of calories at dinner.  I figure , that $25 in chocolate and a $75 dinner , add up to $100 that should be used wisely.

Thanks, but no thanks

So, here are a few suggestions for you active sweetie, to keep them forging ahead on their journey to be physically fit.  First, think of what they want to accomplish and what they could use to achieve their goal.

 A runner should change out their shoes every 500 miles or so.  Running shoes are hard to buy for someone else, so I suggest a gift certificate to a running store, such as Big River Running or Fleet Feet.  A newbie runner would benefit from the wealth of knowledge these folks have too.  You could buy an awesome pair of socks and put the certificate inside them.

They have red

Cyclists are easy to buy for.  We tend to go through a lot of tires, tubes, or may need to have a critical piece of gear replaced.  A new jersey, jacket, or winter cycling pants would be awesome choices.  Take your biker to the local bike shop, Alpine Shop, or REI .  Alpine Shop and REI are having 50% off sales which means more bang for your buck.  If you shop at REI, here in MO,  you could hit Whole Foods for wholesome lunch.

ELITE Thermafleece Cycling Tight - Black/BlackTYR Women's Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey: Red/Black; XL

Keep your athlete safe by buying them some safety gear.  Reflective vests and clothing will insure motorists see your road warrior.  Perhaps a new headlamp, or night riding lights for someone who likes to play in the dark.

If none of these ideas will work, how about a massage or a personal training package at the gym they belong to.  These are both thoughtful gifts and will to keep your loved one motivated and headed in the right direction.

Keep it together
And finally, jewelry.  I am not a fan of diamonds or pearls.  But I like this. I am also a huge fan of recycled bike parts to make jewelry.  For the runner or triathlete, go here. When I completed my first marathon, I purchased a silver 26.2 necklace. I wore it for several years and loved explaining to people what it stood for.

I hope these suggestions help you buy something special for your significant other.  Have a healthy and Happy Valentines Day.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do I Need A Coach?

Do I need you?

I have been wrestling with the possibility of adding a coach this year.  I have read several blogs from fellow athletes who  are singing their coaches praises and having a very successful training season .  Here's one.   I have not had a coach since high school.  Back in 1984, there were only a handful of girls on the track team.  We were given the same exact coaching as the boys.  We even shared the same coach.  Mr. Schnell expected a lot out of me, and pushed me just as hard as the boys.  He made me throw the boys shot put and the boys discus in practice.  When I lifted the girls shot put and discus in competition to throw, I understood immediately.  He also had the girls run with the boys.  Even back then, I like beating the boys.

From talking to others who have coaches, I wonder if it would be beneficial for me. I have heard both good and bad stories.  I have a lot of motivation, a lot of internal drive,  I am a self-starter, I can push myself, I am goal oriented, etc... You get the idea.  I am self-taught,  have done my own research, stalked how other athletes train, asked questions of elite folks, etc..  I have been "building my beast", solo style,  for the last four years.  I wonder what a coach could add to this.

Do you have a coach?  A same-sex coach?  What do they do for you, that you can't do for yourself?  Is it worth the money?  What does it cost?  Do they push you?  Do they write out your weekly workouts?  How are you held accountable?   How would I benefit from one?

 I have a lot of events I would like to complete this year.  I am in the research phase and appreciate all your feedback.  Feel free to email me.  Thanks.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sock Contest Update

I had no idea how much buzz a superior pair of socks would generate.  Apparently, some are even losing sleep over how to acquire these socks.  I have received over 40 recommendations for blog titles. Wow, my followers are creative.  Since the suggestions keep coming, and they keep getting better, I would like to extend the contest until Monday Feb 13th.  A winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day.  I will throw in a special PBR sticker for making you wait.

 I didn't realize this would be so frustrating.  It is unfortunate that several of the titles were already taken by other bloggers.  I want to remind you to keep it short and think out of the box.  I LOVE my bike and writing about two wheeled adventures, but I  like to write about several other topics too.  And, it does not have to be PBR related. I named this blog from a punch line in a joke that I heard two years ago.  I didn't give it much thought. Now, it's time for a more professional name.  No offense Pabst.

You still have time to get your entry in.  Put on your thinking cap, have a pint or two and let me know what you come up with. A few of my immediate favorites:

Living Out Loud
Spinning My Wheels
Wendy's Wanderings
SS Journey's
Move It

How do you think those fit me?
Thanks for your help.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


In life, it is important to remember what  your priorities are.  Honor your priorities.  Cultivate them.  Let them dominate your very existence.  Meet my priority.

Sydney age 5

Sydney's Ride

For the end of January, Missouri weather has been amazing.  Every day after school Sydney and I have gotten to ride our bikes.

We have been able to put in five miles each ride. Fifteen miles total, so far.

Monday smirk

Tuesday domination



I realize this is not something a lot of parents get to do with their children.  Especially at 4pm.  I know I am lucky .
I have left clothes unwashed and unfolded, dishes in the sink, and beds unmade for her.  This stuff will be there when we get done shredding sidewalk.  It's February in MO.  How long can this last anyway ?

Remind yourself of your priorities.  Then take good care of them.
Todays weather is magnificent too.  Hope you are able to enjoy it.

Now, I need to get " my priority's" bike ready before she gets off the bus.