Sunday, October 6, 2013

Burnin' is Cancelled????

In case you haven't heard... the government is behaving like a BAG AF DICKS! I do NOT watch the news, too much negativity there.  In short, those assholes are shutting down outdoor fun and have furloughed campgrounds across the states.  As of Thursday, the campground at Council Bluff, where the beloved Burnin' At the Bluff race is held, has been shutdown!  When I was informed of this I felt sick to my stomach and immediately got pissed. Out of my mouth spewed " Fuck that!! I have worked too hard, I am going anyway".

I realize there is still a possibility this race could happen if this mess gets figured out by Thursday.  It will take 24 hours to re-open the campground.  Please throw all of your Positive Attitude and Superior State of Mind at this.  Anything IS possible. I believe it is smart to have a Plan B, so I have one.

AND do not let anyone stop you

In the event that does not happen.... I assure you that I will be riding at Council Bluff on Sat Oct 12th as planned.  The trail is NOT closed.  I have worked my ass off this year and am not going to let some uptight suit wearing bastards ruin my fun.  My goal this year is SEVEN laps on my Big Unit single speed, gear choice 32x20.  Buckle or no buckle I am going to accomplish this.

I just need to find some place to lay my broken body for that evening.  Who's with me???