Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dirty Girls Love Dirty Jane

I found out in mid-June that I made the Dirty Jane crew.  I was very excited to be a part of the beginnings of something awesome.  Dirty Jane, launched in 2011, is an online shop specifically for action sport minded ladies.  You see, the owner got tired of sorting through racks of guys gear to find something for herself.  "Where is all the girls gear", she wondered.  Hell with it! she thought. I will start my own company and thats what she did.   DirtyJane.com does carry a few things for the fellas too, such as jerseys and gloves (check out the cool gloves), but it's mostly gear and clothing for the girls. Keep an eye on the site, new items are popping up, like these.

There are currently 10 Jane's and you can get to know them here. I am proud to be part of the group and enoy seeing what these rad women can do.    We all live to push the pedals and love to take other women along for the ride.  Some of the Janes enjoy the mud, others crazy fast down hills and some dig the very technical single track.  At the end of the day all that matters is that you ride, right?

When my special team pakage came at the end of June I shrieked when I opened it.  Along with some Dirty Jane.com stickers there was a sweet ass jersey and t-shirt.  The t-shirt caught my eye immediately, heather gray with bright pink letters jumping off it.  Made with 100% cotton, it's soft and snuggly against your skin.  When I put it on I noticed the tapered waist, yea for the "girls cut".  Aren't you tired of wearing shirts that make your  figure resemble a box?  This shirt hugs your curves and shows them off at the same time.  Honestly, I wear it everywhere, even to bed.  Did I say it's soft?  My husband would prefer I wear it indoors only and not in public.  Ha, that means I look good in it. I will let you know that since it's 100% cotton it may shrink a little.  Get the large if you would typically rock a medium or have a good amount of boobage.

I couldn't afford a model
The jersey screamed "GET ME DIRTY".  Mostly white, with black 3/4 sleeves and a touch of sweet bluey-green detailing down the side, just enough to make it girlie.  The neato DirtyJane.com logo adornes the front.  The first time I wore it was a beautiful, muggy, somewhat hot n humid day. It was 90 degrees in the Midwest, felt like more.  I was worried that the sleeves would make me too hot and my ride would suck because of it.  Not so.  The sleeves protected my arms from the sun, no sunburn.   They also protected me from the overgrowth and nasty thorn bushes I encountered, no more scratches on my arms.  The material soaked up my sweatyness too, kept it off my body so I could ride cooler.  The white did not last long though.  Hell, its' not a wedding dress... it's for mountain biking.  Most of the dirt washed out, I used Dawn dish detergent and let it soak then washed it normally. Either way, who shows up with a perfectly clean white jersey to a ride?  If you do ... you aren't riding hard enough.

My serious face, first time on this trail

Fellas... want to encourage your girl to ride with you or ride more?  Deck her out in some sweet gear designed for her. DirtyJane.com has exactly what you need from helmets to shoes and everything in between.  They even carry gear for her ride, handle bars, brakes, cranks and pedals.  If she still doesn't want to ride with you... have her give me a call, I'll shred with her.

Get your dirty on,