Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank You

I have had a fantastic 2010 season and have some thanking to do, so here goes:

  • First thank you to God , for giving me the strength of mind and body to do what I do
  • Second to my family who may not understand all of it, but support me and encourage me anyway
  • Next to my teammates on TEAM Seagal, who accepted me as their token girl but manage to treat me just like one of the guys
  • Team sponsors, The Hub, Pabst,Bye Kyle, and Klunk Bike Shop, KONA , and Velocity for their great deals that support our racing/biking addictions
  • Matt Turgeon, for the hookup on the bike bling that made my Connor amazing this year
  • Matt Keeven, Mitch the Mashor, and Brian Busken for answering my endless questions about trails, which gear to run and nutrition
  • Karen Holtman, for being great competition and always showing me good sportsmanship while we raced each other
  • Chris Ploch, Matt James and Dave Breslin , for talking bikes and sharing some of their secrets with me
  • John Farinella, for infusing my bike with the Farinella Magic ( and the gift of new pedals)
  • Stoney from team Red Wheel, for his pushing me at several races this year
  • Bob Jenkins and Team Virtus, who remind me not to take myself so seriously and to have FUN
  • Kevin Bonney, my Burnin' pit crew, I owe you one
Without ALL of you this year would not have been such a success for me. I appreciate all of you and the knowledge and friendship you have shared with me. I look forward to seeing you on the trails in 2011.

Up next: 2010 Year in Review

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