Monday, January 31, 2011


One night this past November I walked into the garage to catch Jim on my new Jake the Snake. I had been fitted for the bike a few weeks prior at The Hub and quietly hoped he didnt move the seat. He didnt. I asked him " what he thought he was doing" He said " seeing what you are always smiling about". He later informed me that he was going to order himself one. I really wasnt sure, at that time, if he really would. I would catch him several more times after that, he even took it for some spins around the block. Well, finally the day came last week and IT came. I scheduled him a fitting with Gino and 3 days later IT came home. Jim quickly put on shoes and a helmet and rode IT around the block, about 1/2 mile. He returned with a huge smile and said " I know why you smile".

As of yesterday I have put 800 miles on " FELIX" , my JTS. Not bad for the past 3 months. I enjoyed all of my 'getting to know you rides' and now feel very comfortable on it. In fact, comfortable enough that I plan on doing the DK200 on it. I hope to hit the gravel soon and gain some more gravel experience. I've been riding the road mostly and have found that I dont hate it like I did last year. Maybe there is a roadie inside me just dying to get out? Probably not, but I am enjoying the road and now understand why its important to mountain biking.

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