Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Even JERKS have a heart

And it turns out a very big heart. If you were one of the lucky hundred or so to be at the CXMAS race that didnt exist you had an opportunity to donate some canned goods to The St. Louis Foodbank. One person donated 20 cans and could not even attend the non event.( thanks Scott) Another met me the day of delivery to hand me a bag full. ( thanks Justin) On Dec. 21st I took 300 cans to my daughters preschool, which were picked up by the Foodbank truck later that day. This was no easy task since 300 cans are not easy to transport. Luckily, the school is only 2.5 miles away and only a few cans got loose. One of the schools assistants helped me drag them in by using wagons. It took several wagon trips. We were able to fill 2 huge red trash cans with some spill over into a box. I had taken pictures , but our computer had an issue and the pics were deleted. Sorry about that.

This canned food drive gave Jim and I the opportunity to explain some things to Sydney. The fact that not everyone has food was hard to explain. At the same time they were doing a toy drive. We had to explain that some families did not have the money for toys but we were going to help them. She wanted to empty our pantry and give some of her own toys away . At almost 5 , I think she got it. We are so blessed to have what we do. And I believe that if you can share your own good fortune you should. Karma baby. It always comes around doesnt it?

At Christmas time Jim and I did things a little different when gifting to our parents. They already have everything. So, Jim gave his parents 2 cases of canned soup to donate to a food pantry in Louisiana MO. I gave $$ in my parents name to help bring fresh water to a school in Bangladesh for a year. I would say those were much better gifts than another candle or ugly sweater, wouldnt you?

On that note, Happy New Year and I hope 2011 will be everything you want it to be.

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