Monday, April 25, 2011

Weeks 5 and 6 of 12

California was a blast, but has really screwed up my training. I was focused and on top of things before I left. Week 6 also suffered while I tried to get back to my life.

Mon - 1 hr boot camp 7.7 miles to and from

Tues- No bike STL airport @ 815 am Finally got to Cali hotel @830pm

Wed- Photo shoot Hill intervals and approx. 5 miles mtb

Thurs- Riding bikes around festival and to and from Pod

Fri- Mtb approx 20 miles

Sat- Mtb approx. 20 miles

Sun- 4 mile warm-up, 16 mi. race- 2.5 hrs

Total of 72+/- miles 9 hours on the bike


Mon- Airplane

Tues- Exhausted

Wed- Road 26 miles 1 hr 46

Thur- Road 16 miles VERY WINDY

Fri- Trainer 15 miles HARD in the BIG ring

Sat - 7 miles Hiking

Sun- OFF

Total bike= 67 miles 3 hrs and 45 mins. with a 7 mi hike

There are only 6 weeks left until DK200. Mentally I am ready for the challenge. I will get my physical "on" this week. How are all of you other DK entrants doing???

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  1. You're going to rock DK. And thank goodness I'm not doing it, because I haven't logged more than 27 miles in a day since last Sept.