Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Health

Valentine's Day is just a few days away.  Some of you may be struggling with what to give your active sweetheart.  I urge you to 'think out of the box this year'.  Look past the stuffed animals, the huge boxes of chocolate, and further past the diamonds and expensive dinners.  I want to provide you with some healthy and very practical choices for that someone special.

I have never been a fan of flowers, and my husband knows better than to give me chocolate in obnoxious quantities.  I do not need a enormous box of garbage that will negate all my hard work to be healthy and fit.  Neither, do I want to absorb a tremendous amount of calories at dinner.  I figure , that $25 in chocolate and a $75 dinner , add up to $100 that should be used wisely.

Thanks, but no thanks

So, here are a few suggestions for you active sweetie, to keep them forging ahead on their journey to be physically fit.  First, think of what they want to accomplish and what they could use to achieve their goal.

 A runner should change out their shoes every 500 miles or so.  Running shoes are hard to buy for someone else, so I suggest a gift certificate to a running store, such as Big River Running or Fleet Feet.  A newbie runner would benefit from the wealth of knowledge these folks have too.  You could buy an awesome pair of socks and put the certificate inside them.

They have red

Cyclists are easy to buy for.  We tend to go through a lot of tires, tubes, or may need to have a critical piece of gear replaced.  A new jersey, jacket, or winter cycling pants would be awesome choices.  Take your biker to the local bike shop, Alpine Shop, or REI .  Alpine Shop and REI are having 50% off sales which means more bang for your buck.  If you shop at REI, here in MO,  you could hit Whole Foods for wholesome lunch.

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Keep your athlete safe by buying them some safety gear.  Reflective vests and clothing will insure motorists see your road warrior.  Perhaps a new headlamp, or night riding lights for someone who likes to play in the dark.

If none of these ideas will work, how about a massage or a personal training package at the gym they belong to.  These are both thoughtful gifts and will to keep your loved one motivated and headed in the right direction.

Keep it together
And finally, jewelry.  I am not a fan of diamonds or pearls.  But I like this. I am also a huge fan of recycled bike parts to make jewelry.  For the runner or triathlete, go here. When I completed my first marathon, I purchased a silver 26.2 necklace. I wore it for several years and loved explaining to people what it stood for.

I hope these suggestions help you buy something special for your significant other.  Have a healthy and Happy Valentines Day.


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