Monday, April 15, 2013

Dirty Kanza- Seven Weeks And Counting

The Dk 200 will be here before you know it.  The race director sent out an email that said seven weeks, I threw up in my mouth and got excited at the same time.  Upon finishing this beast of a ride last year I pondered what took me so long to get to the finish line.  Riding a bike for 19 hours is not easy but neither is riding the same distance in 17 hours.  Yup, my goal is 17 hours, I am going for it! Please tell me several reasons why I can't do it.  It will fuel my fire.

I have been in the gym... beating things, lifting stuff, swinging kettlebells, and doing a lot of crazy stuff I used to think I could never do.  The gym has taught me that my gender and age don't mean shit!  If I show up and work hard I can really do anything I put my mind to.

I have been running a LOT!  I like to start my day with a run, helps me wake up when I hear my brain yelling " what the hell are you doing".  What sucks about running is that there is NO coasting to catch your breath and it hurts more when you stop than if you keep going. I choose to keep going.  Mentally my mind says things like... " running is stupid, go get your bike" and " running sucks beacuse it's not biking".  I have made peace with running and choose to enjoy it anyway. Plus, it makes me feel like a badass when I am done.

My training has not been perfect.  I purchased a professional plan customized for me and my life.  The first week it was crazy cold and snowy and I spent all of my bike time on my Kinetic trainer.  The second week my kiddos where on Spring Break, UGH.  More time on the trainer.  The third week I was able to get outside and put in some miles.  Once I started getting my momentum... LIFE started to get in the way.  Family obligations, weddings, and the like. started to pop up.  Being forced to take a few rest days caused some frustration, good thing I have a tire to beat on.  I need to find a new one, I have beated this one to near death.

I love it when people ask me what I am traing for.  First I say this....

Then I tell them the Dirty Kanza.  The look on their faces after I fill them in is truly priceless.  Not many people can comprehend why one would want to ride over 200 miles, in one day, in Kansa of all places, in June. Well, that is because they don't see what I see.  The BIG picture.  Kansas is a really beautiful place if you look around.  The sky is blue, the clouds are huge, the gravel is challenging, and the locals are groovy. The training and preparation are a journey in themselves.  You find out a lot about yourself on long solo training rides.   Add in that maybe I am a little crazy but in a good way too. And finally, if I can do this..... I can conquer anything that life brings my way.

I can only imagine how I will look at the end this year AFTER reaching my goal.

So, how's your training going?  What's your goal?

Happy Gravel,

**Anyone want to read about my Tour of Hermann?


  1. Kill it, crush it and beat Kansas like a good Missourian is supposed to do!

  2. **Anyone want to read about my Tour of Hermann?

    Ahh, yes :)