Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dirty Kanza Plan

Borrowed from DK website

With less than two weeks to go..... Dirty Kanza is upon us.  Like it or not... you are where you are.  The bike riding for hours is all but over.  It's time to get your mind right, your nutrion plan nailed down, and your bike in tip top shape. There is nothing you can do, training on the bike wise, to make yourself stronger or faster.  This time before the big day can make or break you. Use it wisely!

This year I paid a pro to write a specific plan for me.  The plan was broken down into three phases.  I followed each phase as close as my life would allow and tweaked it when there was 14 inches of snow to shovel or massive amounts of yard work. (everything counts) Mother Nature did not make training easy this year.  Winter ran straight into Spring and then came Summer.  One morning it was 37 degrees and then 91 degrees the next afternoon.  Don't get me started on the wind.... AND rain!  I am sure she is getting all this out before June 1st so it can be a beautiful day to suffer.

My bike is almost ready to roll, by almost I mean all I need is a new chain put on and switch to some meatier tires. I have had the bottom bracket replaced, hopefully Cedar Cross didn't fug it up.  I really like my new crank set up, I hope it makes me faster and keeps my legs fresher in order to go faster.  My butt really enjoys the new lady specific saddle, riding the saddle that came with my Kona JTS last year was a really stupid idea.

Magnificent KONA

My nutrition is nailed down and I am confident that it will get me to the finish line.  I have also figured out how I am going to carry my fuel, water, and other supplies.  I have a mountain feed bag on my bike which holds a good amount of stuff, I also have a Backcountry Strap that will hold two tubes and a tire  lever.  I do NOT plan on having to use any of this stuff, last year I had zero flats and expect the same this year.  I will be using a 70 oz bladder in a camelbak and will have two 24oz bottles on the bike.  I will keep misc. fuel items in my jersey pockets and carry a couple extra emergency fuel options in the camelbak. ( I learned last year that I did not really care for the Tangle bag system. I was constantly rubbing the bag with my legs and had to change my pedal stroke to prevent it, not good. Plus, it made my bike heavy ) I will be breaking my ride into FOUR segments.  Carrying enough water and fuel for 50 miles at a time.  When I reach my wonderful support crew EMMA, I will have everything pre-packed and labeled so I can just grab and go.

My mind is in a very positive state of superior attitude. It usually is.  Having finished this long haul last year I know what it takes to make it to the end. I know I have what it takes. Hell, I have been working on it for 350 days!  I finished just after 1am, 19 hours of pedaling. If you have never been on a bike that long let me tell you.... its a LONG fuckin' time.  I have my mind made up that I will finish before 19 hours, I am shooting for 17 hours, around 11pm.  Honestly, I will be thrilled with just finishing but would like to knock some time off, a considerable amount!  Even 1 hour would be great.



  1. oh yeah chick!!! i have a similar post rattling around in my head. so excited. you are exactly right about training...nothing we can do now to make us faster or stronger. just getcho mind RIGHT.

    1. If your mind isn't right you don't have a chance in hell of finishing. Can't wait to get to Kansas. See you there Emily!

  2. 50 miles at a time is right. You and I are on the same wavelength this year. I'm going lighter and faster turn around times at the checkpoints. No lunch hour snoozing this year and I'm not waiting on anyone if they aren't ready to go.

    1. My plan is to recover on the bike instead of taking time at the checkpoints. My support crew will be given strict orders to keep me moving. I will not be waiting on anyone either.