Monday, June 3, 2013

Dirty Kanza Quickie

As I prepared for the Dirty Kanza, I did nearly everything right. Hell, I am not perfect.  I followed a plan written by a pro, I ran, lifted at the gym, took a sledgehammer and destroyed a tire, ate a vegeatrian diet, foam rolled religiously, AND rode my bike.  I wanted to complete this race and even had a goal of 17 hours in mind, two hours better than 2012.

With the race behind me, I can't help but be a little miffed.  I worked my ass off, so much so my bibs were too big and i had to change them out after 100 miles.  I grunted, sweated, was sore and pushed more.  I endured the cold, the snow, the rain, the fuggin' wind everyday.  With one goal in mind.  Kick the DK200 in the ass.

Tour of Hermann

I am miffed because I know my hubby didn't really do shit and finished right along side of me.  Sorry honey, you did do some paddles, and rode your bike a total of 200 miles as training for this race.  Don't get me wrong, I am so proud of you for ballin' it out with me.  So proud of you for finishing such a brutal race.  I am completely miffed as to how this happens though....... ANYONE????

**** I am finding myself very long winded about this race so my posts will come in parts.  You should go buy a 12 pack of Pabst and settle in when one pops out.  That race was an experience and not just because of the wind.  I reunited with some Kansas girlfriends and made many new friends along the way. The cool thing is, I saw a bunch of them the day after.  We got to give handshakes and hugs.  You NEVER forget the people you meet at the DK.  I missed Chad, Clyde, and Dan this year. Let's do a reunion tour in 2014!


  1. oh don't worry, I am planning on being there in 2014.

    I can't decide if i want to do a sub-17 on my new Ti Warbird, or ride it SS. Lots of time to decide though.

    Nice job in the wind this year, there was a lot of names in the DNF, but not yours.

  2. Superior Attitude and Superior State of Mind. Besides riding your wheel I had a great view.