Monday, June 10, 2013

Sasha And The Reporter

While in Kansas I met Patrick Farrell, a reporter from the NY Times.  He liked my style.  We had a short interview back at the hotel where I showed him all my race secrets and introduced him to my Kona Jake the Snake.  He was very impressed and took many photos of the bike, so glad I keep it nice and clean.  

Patrick found me on race morning and wished me well, we would see one another sporadically throughout the day.  He was at Checkpoint One when I rolled in all full of piss and vinegar, hapiness. We chatted briefly as I got myself together for the next leg.  He was there at Checkpoint Two when I was just pissed that someone turned on the wind.  Patrick even found me on course several times during the day, I felt like I was pedaling in quicksand but I smiled anyhow.

Patrick was even there at the end of my ride at 130am.  He had a very long day covering the Dirty Kanza and looked as exhausted as those who rode it.

Here is a link to his report.  I am honored to have made his cut of stories that were out there.

Thanks Patrick for a great article.

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