Sunday, June 28, 2015

You Can't Ride Kitchen Cabinets

The beginning of 2015 starts just like every year.  My husband and I discuss our plans and goals over adult beverages and find out if we are on the same page.  After discussing bikes and careers we talked about the house, the dreaded house.  We have taken up space in it for 16yrs, over that time eight people have lived in it.  What is downright funny is the fact it was supposed to be a 'transition' place we would stay for  5 years or less.  For one reason or another we have stayed, schools, $$, jobs, or to help someone.  At this time our house could use some TLC.  With active lifestyles we are far too busy to take on projects and honey do lists. However.... since our Summer and Fall activities completely opened up we should be able to tackle some of it. Luckily it's nothing too major, mostly cosmetic things like painting and baseboards.  One of the larger projects would be new kitchen cabinets and we picked April/May to have them done.
I tried to be excited when we went shopping for the cabinets, that became difficult after seeing the disgusting amount of $$ they want to house worn kitchen appliances and Target dishes.  Crazy! Wood shelving that tops the amount I spent on cars.   Ridiculous!  After looking at several different stores and talking to consultants I learned a few things.  First and foremost, definitely don't go cheap,  You get what you pay for.  We need the cabinets to help sell the house when we put it on the market so no junk.  I had to laugh as we left Menards.  I can't believe folks would spend upwards of 20K on kitchen cabinets, I wouldn't do it.   It's not important to me. However, with an extra 20K I would use 35% to pay down some bills and buy myself a bike with the remaining 65%.  See, I'm responsible.

As the months passed our plans change, drastically.  Jim's company was bought out and they were cleaning house and Jim had to have rotator cuff surgery. Shit, we should wait on the cabinets.  That's alright, they aren't that bad.  We've dealt with it for nearly a decade, what's a few more months/years?

March arrived and I turned 46!  I also received a very unexpected gift.  The hubs presented me with a 2016 Salsa Warbird!  I am still over the moon with this bike, it has exceeded my expectations and treated me well at the Dirty Kanza! I see many gravel road explorations in our future.

I am not the only new bike owner at our house. As our Midwest weather started to shape up we saw first hand what had happened to the kids over Winter. Dammit!  Both of the kiddos had grown, a respectable amount and needed new steeds.  After two trips to Momentum Cycles both kids were outfitted with brand spankin' new Trek mountain bikes.  Hopefully they will be able to ride these for at least two years. So far, their bikes have lasted them only one season.

My daughter received her bike last.  As we watched her pedal down the street my husband said, "I hope you realize that this means we probably won't be getting kitchen cabinets anytime soon".  I had to laugh.  Jim knew full well that I did not care about kitchen cabinets. While at Menards  I mentioned it was sad to have to spend that amount of money to have it hang on a wall and hold kitchen crap, spending it on a bike made much more sense to me.

The smiles I have seen in the past two months have been priceless.  We have ridden to parks, to stores, on trails, and around our neighborhood.  One afternoon last week my nephew and I logged ten miles since he wanted to ride "double digits".

There are no regrets here.  I won't hold my breath on the cabinets.

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  1. You two have your priorities straight. It's way more important to make great memories with the kids and each other than upgrade the kitchen cabinets. Heck, you'd be suprised at what a coat of paint and new pulls can do. :)