Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rapture Here I come

Word officially came down today. " Your still solid" were the exact words Jim said to me as we discussed Rapture In Misery. I responded with " Do you really believe that" followed by " I feel FAT, Not PHAT". Connor is in great shape from his makeover and assured me he is up for the challenge. I have been itching to do another long race for a while, especially since the Berryman Duo did not go as planned. I might be an" endurance junkie" . I will let you know after the next 24 hour.

After a little arm twisting I committed to the 12 hour. I think its a good idea to see where I am at physically now . I have had more mental training these past 2 months which put my physical training on hold. Maybe that was a good thing. Maybe I did need a break. In April I was ready to attack a 24 hour. I am proud of that effort and thought if I achieved nothing else this year I would be happy. What Bullshit... The lies we tell ourselves.

This race will provide the ground work for tweaking my training the next 7 weeks. I dont know what to expect and am not familiar with the trail. Whats a good goal? I figure 10 laps would be good and anything else better. Too high? Too low? Anyway, the plan is to ride when I can and walk when I have to. "I have everything under control." Really

In other news, I have it on good authority that I will soon be the proud owner of my very own Major. Yes, ME... I guess I will just have to give Psychocross another try.

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