Sunday, August 8, 2010


This past Friday I was invited to join Mary and Laura, from Team Momentum, and a fella name Ken for a Lost Valley and Matson ride. Normally I would not have been able to go, but, Jim decided to work from home. You probably assume that as a stay at home mom I have all the free time in the world to ride. You would be wrong. I was looking forward to riding Matson. The last time I was there was about 2 years ago and I was terrified of roots, rocks, and couldnt climb to save my life. There are no pics so use you imagination. What I did find humorous was that the three barbies were on 29ers and Ken was on a 26er. I made sure to tell him that people who ride 26ers have incredible technical skills, and big things come in small packages. I think we bonded then.

After applying sunscreen and a mega amount of bug spray we were on the trail by 1030. I knew I was going to have a tough time keeping up with these 3 on geared bikes. I was geared at 32x19, which is fine for LV. There were the usual muddy spots, other than that the trail was perfect. Once we were on the Katy I was spinning my legs off. Not complaining. Mary and I chatted while Laura and Ken pedaled in the distance. They were probably discussing the next adventure race, The Berryman 36 hr. Yeah, they are badass.

I will not bore you with how effin hard it was to climb that hill to Matson. I found out quickly that 32x19 was not gonna cut it. I rode 3/4 of it and was gasping for air at the top. My legs were definitely going to feel this ride. Matson was fun and I rode everything , except a couple of the rock stairs. As I rode I remembered how afraid I was last time I was there. That is one reason why I enjoy mtbiking. You can always see improvement if you remember where you came from. The new stuff is spectacular and I hear there is more to come. While Laura fixed a flat I called home to check in. I was pleasantly surprise that Jim had done the grocery shopping. Yeah! He told me to keep riding and have fun. Support is awesome. I also learned that 32x19 , for me, is not a good choice at Matson. I did get a high five after making the climb out. That was tough. I look forward to riding Matson again, several laps will be necessary.

On the Katy again I spin, spin, spin. We take the Hamburg back to the mound. We completed just under 30 miles. Not bad. When I got home I noticed the dishes were done too. I was handed a recovery drink, R4 by Endurox, and pushed toward the shower. When I returned I was greeted with a super chicken sandwich and small salad. Wow. I am so lucky. Hmmmmm. What does this man want???? Little did I know that he was planning his own ride of epicnicity to take place on Sat. Thats cool. The support thing goes both ways at our house.

This week I will spend getting ready for RIM. Packing and organizing food , clothing and making sure Connor has everything he needs in order to complete 12 hours of misery. Are you gonna be there??? The only acceptable excuse for missing this one is if you getting married or in the wedding party. Congrats to Dave Breslin and his bride to be.

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