Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dirty Kanza

In case you havent heard.... Jim and I are IN for http://www.dirtykanza200.com/. I believe: 1. That knowledge is power.2. You cant ask enough questions when you are taking on the unknown. And 3. There are no stupid questions.Most cyclists are happy to share secrets, stuff not to do,gear choices, and answer just general questions. Since I am definitely out of my comfort zone on this one I plan on doing a lot of research. I will share everything I learn as a way of paying it forward. I am confident that I will get by with a little help from friends.

There are many blogs out there about the DK that have useful info. Here are a couple: http://hiawathacyclist.blogspot.com/ andhttp://www.teamredwheel.com/andhttp://sheridesbikes.blogspot.com/2010/06/dirty-kanza-article.html. That is just a few to get you started. The last one is by last years winning chica. FYI, only 2 women finished. Intriguing.

I am excited that there are going to be lots of friends at this race/ride also. There is comfort in numbers. Plus, it will be Jims birthday. I cant believe he is up for this kind of torture on this of all days, but can you imagine the reward he will feel afterwards?

I just returned form the store with ingredients to make my own gel/gu. I do not care for what is out there now and find it expensive. Being the off season its the perfect time to try new things. The recipes I found were online. After I try them I will post them and let you know how it went. The flavors are endless and its much cheaper. As I think about it, if more people made their own there would not be so much trash on the trails. Plus, its fresh and you know exactly what is in it.

I am off to work on my core now, until next time....

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