Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thanks, I THINK

This morning my husband handed me a cup of coffee and said "check your email". I said " I will". He said " NOW". I figured I missed something big since I took an internet 'off day' to catch up on some things around the house. Jim told me to open the email sent from him. Basically it said that I had been entered in THE SYLLAMO REVENGE 50 miler. WTF? I did not sign up for this. Was this some kind of joke? Was I even awake yet?

I had decided what races I wanted to do this season and this race was in the dream category. Endurance events cost a lot and even more if you have to travel. This race is almost 7 hours away, so I decided to let this one go and stay closer to home. I know that my teammates love this race and I had hoped to join them one day. Looks like I get to join them this year! I have heard how difficult this ride is from several sources. I am kinda intimidated. When I did the 24hr of Syllamo we did laps. After the climb we took the trail on the left. It was beautiful single-track and flowed nicely. I have been on the trail to the right, on accident, the day before the 24 when we did some exploring . I remember thinking "how am I supposed to ride this over and over, and in the dark". Luckily , we were on the wrong trail. I am looking forward to this! Got some work to do. And maybe next year I can tackle the 125k. Hmmm... What gear to run? I cant wait to tell Connor.


  1. You're intimidated? Are you kidding? You are a kick-ass rider! Have fun out there. :)

  2. Funny. When I think of kick-ass rider I think of you

  3. Oh, Jim.... you clever, clever jerk.

    That course is as beautiful as it is punishing. From what I can remember, it's the blue loop that is the crusher of souls.

    Maybe we could all road trip down there for a pre-ride sometime.