Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring? and Volunteering

Last weeks weather was pretty amazing. Sydney was very happy to get in a couple of bike rides and several trips to the park. I have quickly found out that she has NO FEAR when it comes to bike riding and playing at the park. She rides as fast as she can and climbs as high as she can. She even watched an older girl hang from her knees on the monkey bars and proceeded to perform the same feat herself. I try not to freak when she does this stuff. I was once like this too. Unfortunately, as I have gotten older I have developed a huge fear of heights.

Dont tell Syd, she will be rocking a new bike for the spring. Jeremy Bock gave us one that was his daughters, we have it hidden in the garage. We have lots of things hidden in the garage, so i hope we can find it!!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at The Bonkhard Chill. I love to give back as much as I like to race. Karma Baby. At the racers meeting, the night before, it was awesome to see the usual peeps. The racers were informed that there was a short stretch of hwy they were not allowed to get on, must stay in the ditch, or they would be DQ,d and pulled from the race. For some reason I knew this is where I would be. And I was, The Ditch Witch. I was lucky to be paired up with a great guy named Jeremy. We hit it off immediately and worked well together. No one did get on that hwy. The rain started to fall in the early afternoon and was present for about an hour. The temp did not hit the 50's like the forecast said either. All in all I had a great time.

Here are some pics of those who were there:

Alpine Shop is soooo fast I could not get them in a frame
Teams walking across The Swinging Bridge

All smiles BEFORE the race

Not so much at CP13

And somehow these four fellas got parole and finished 2nd in the 4 person male.

Congrats to all who finished this race. Team Trail Monster received 12th overall and 4th in their division. Fantastic result since it was my brothers first race. He is hooked and talking LBL in April. Guess I have to find another team or we need to find another player and go for the 4 person coed. Special congrats to Team Viruts who drug along a photog and reporter. They finished under their own power, and had roughly a 14 mile walk to the finish. Watch for their report here:

Are we there yet? was the reporters mantra

Hats off to this fella , Travis Hammons. He jumped at the chance to be a part of Off Road Fixation team, since one of their teammates was injured. I hear they had a great race even though there was a derailleur issue. Who carries a derailleur in their backpack? Apparently Kelly Sumner does...

Up next: Death by Hills Ride with Team Seagal. What a way to go huh?

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  1. As always, it was GREAT to see your smiling face during this race... especially during that cold, cold rain! Thanks for volunteering. You're the best.