Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ridin' with the Boys

Mother Nature sure sent us some spectacular weather this weekend. Jim and I were able to take advantage of this since Syd was at a party. We hopped on our JTS' and headed out to meet three of Missouri's finest cyclists, who were putting in some base miles. Mr. Busken, Pryor and Stitz would be riding about 50 miles. Roads that I had not been on, but want to go back to. Before clipping in I noticed they were on road bikes with super skinny tires. Jim informed me of "the differences" in their bikes/tires versus ours. I didnt really get it until we started riding. I have never been on a road bike or used skinny tires. Now i get it. Those three jerks seemed to be riding effortlessly, they were not struggling on the hills. Hell, they werent even breathing hard.When I realized there was no way I could keep up with them I just tried to keep them in sight.When that also failed I just kept pedaling. I cursed the fact I did 25 miles the day before.

Almost 90% of my rides are done solo. This ride was a nice change. And i have a new route with new hills. Plus when I ride there should be minimal traffic. I hope to get invited again, maybe on a recovery ride, { for them } Jim and I rolled home with just over 41 miles. We decided to ride to the library since it didnt make sense for us to drive there in our bike clothes. After all was said and done we rode 53 miles for the day.

This ride gave me an opportunity to try another flavor of homemade energy too. Vanilla and Almond together. YUM. I also did this ride with a "runners fuel belt" that held 2 bottles. Barely noticed they were there. Good to know with Dirty Kanza training right around the corner.

This weekend I am volunteering at http://www.bonkhardchill.com/bhc06/. Jim and my brother are doing this one. Should be great weather and probably muddy.

If you are looking to ride a century next weekend, details here http://www.teamseagal.blogspot.com/. This will be my first. Felix is ready so I guess I will give it HELL.

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