Friday, March 25, 2011

Wait for it

"Some people follow their dreams, others chase them down and beat them into submission." Not sure who said that, but they hit the nail on the head. I consider myself an OTHER. None of this 'craziness' has come easily. My first ride , at age 37, ended with a trip to the ER and a broken elbow. While licking my wounds, for four months, I had an epiphany. During that short 1 1/2 mile ride I fell in love! Not with the bike I was riding, but with the feeling of riding a bike. I felt incredibly FREE. I was not a mom , not a wife. { I love being a mom and a wife } I was ME?! Mountain biking has changed my life and made me a better human along the way. I also realized I wanted to become an amazing rider and ride for a 'cool' team. Words can't even describe how freakin' awesome my experience has been with Team Seagal. Those jerks are the best.

At the end of Feb., I saw an ad from Airborne Bicycles looking for 5-6 new Flight Crew members. " Now, that would be a 'cool' team to ride for" I thought. Airborne , out of Ohio, sells several kinds of bikes. Downhill, freeride and mountain bikes just to name a few. Follow this link and check out what they offer. The first bike that caught my attention was this one . The Goblin.

Picture of Goblin

I bet it would be an incredible single speed!

I decided that I was not going to sit back and wait for anything this year. So I went for it. I sent in my application telling them about me and why I ride. I gave them links to the trails I frequent and pointed them towards my blog. The fantasies began after I hit send.

I followed the banter on FaceBook and waited anxiously to hear when the final decision would be made. Two weeks passed. I heard nothing, nada. Airborne would post up they were still reviewing apps, that they had received so many good ones, and they would be narrowing down to 29. The waiting was torture. Their plan to send emails to those who did not make it failed when their server blew. Damn, I was feeling good about NOT getting an email. Finally, I got an email last Wed. night.

Basically, it said that they needed some more info and had to make sure I was not a serial killer . I informed them I had a long ride planned for Thurs. and told them when they could contact me. They called at 9am and we talked briefly. Rick Vosper, Airbornes Director,handled most of the call while Jeremy Mudd and Eric McKenna listened in. Airborne had received several hundred responses and I was in the top 10! Yeah, seriously! They asked questions about me, Team Seagal, and why I ride. Rick said he would call me Friday to let me know either way. Are you kidding me? I had to wait one more day. Ugh! How was I supposed to sleep? Hell, I barely slept anticipating their first phone call. I started getting ready for my long ride and tried to forget about it . Yeah, right. That didnt work so well. I did have a great ride thinking of the possibilities. I may have been in shock. I told myself I should be happy to have even gotten a call. I should be satisfied with that. What Bullsh*t! I wanted this. I hoped my passion came through on the phone in case I failed in writing.

My phone rang at 4pm. It was Rick again. Had he forgotten to ask me something? He didnt beat around the bush. He said " Wendy, let me be the first to welcome to the Flight Crew". I told him I think I needed to scream. He told me to put the phone down and go for it. So, I did. I screamed . I think he was impressed with my lungs. He took my kit sizes and bike sizes and said he would be in touch.

Thank goodness I really like the Goblin, because ..... They are giving me one. Yes, GIVING. And , they said I can make it a single speed if I want. Just when I thought it couldnt get any better.... Airborne is taking the Flight Crew to ..... Sea Otter. Yes, boys and girls. I am going to California. I get the opportunity to meet and ride with some amazing cyclists for like 5 days. I am very stoked about this new gig. Don't worry, I will drag you along every step of the way. What a way to start the year, dontcha think? To think it all started with me laying in a ditch....." Look at me now Ma! I am on top of the world." I am AIRBORNE. One question. Should I race while I am there??? Get the deets here:


  1. Oh, my gosh. How cool! Congratulations!! The year of going for it, indeed. And I love the first part of this post. I absolutely get it. It sounds so much like me. First ride, at age 37, resulting in surgery for a dislocated thumb. You give me hope. :) And that's exactly what I love about running and's MINE. It's me, not somebody's wife or mom, but ME.

  2. Welcome aboard...can't wait to meet you and everyone else..

  3. Truly the jorkiest tale! Wendy, if there was ever someone on our team most worthy of this, it'd be you. Jerkette.


  4. Holy Sh!t, SASHA, this is SOOO F'ING AWESOME FOR YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You deserve all of it! Way to go..

  5. It's a pleasure to call you a team mate Wendy!

  6. Amazing! Congratulations, Wendy! You're more than deserving, and Airborne couldn't have picked anyone better. I couldn't be happier for you.


  7. Congratualtions! I am so glad that you saw an opportunity and took it. Like a wise woman once told me " Good things happen to good people". Lol. Enjoy.

  8. Actually, it was that nice speech you made about Peeing during your interview. We already knew we liked you, but that clinched it.

  9. No Transcript of the peeing speech, come on!!
    Nice Work Sasha!!!! Congratulations!!! That is a fancy green bicycle, I believe that it would like very much to be raced at Sea Otter with a single gear.