Monday, March 28, 2011

Week TWO of Twelve

Training this week was a challenge. My sitter was out of town and Mother Nature threw her weight around, dishing out rain, snow and incredible wind. I started a boot camp that kicked my a$$. And making the Flight Crew distracted me a bit. You know how it is making travel arrangements and signing your life away to the devil.

Mon- Boot camp 1hour, Bike 7miles, walk3

Tues- Bike 4.2 with Sydney

Wed- Boot camp 1hour, Bike 6 miles to and from, Bike 8.5 { wind 30-40 mph }

Thur- Trainer 25 miles

Fri- Boot camp 1hour, Trainer 23 miles

Sat- Trainer 20miles

Sun- off- Wanted to do Boot camp with fresh legs on Mon

This looks more like a Rest week to me. With the addition of the Boot camp, it did not feel like one. All in all I rode for 7 hours and covered roughly 104 miles. I can only hope that the weather is better and I can give Luthor, the trainer a break this week. Dirty Kanza is in 10 weeks, 70 days, plenty of time to make up for this week. It would be nice to hit the trails at some point too.

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