Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 1 of 12

The first week of training is always the hardest right? This week Syd was on spring break ,she had a birthday, and we got snow. I do not stress about the obstacles, just find a way around them. This is how it shaped up.

Monday- Zone 1- trainer- 1 hour, no mileage

Tuesday- Zone 2- Road - 22 miles

Wednesday- Solid 1 hr of jumping, climbing and sliding at

Thursday- Zone 3/4- Katy Trail , 53 miles

Friday- Zone 1-trainer- 30 mins no mileage

Saturday- off

Sunday- Zone 3,4,and5- Gravel ride- 74 miles

Not a bad first week. Just over 14 hours of saddle time and 149 miles logged.
What did you do?


  1. Nice! No point in stressing too much over obstacles, since they're always there.

    My marathon training for last week is the sound of crickets. I actually was on my bike more than my feet. 27ish miles for the non race and then less than 10 for Saturday's mtb ride. Good thing I'm not committed to 200...I'd be in trouble. (Well, no...I'd be riding a lot more).

  2. Hmmm couple rides and a day lost in the woods...about 52 miles for the week between the bike and feet. Gonna have to pick up some pre-dawn training hours.