Sunday, April 3, 2011

So, where's the line?

Yesterday I had an opportunity to ride with a new friend. I had only chatted online with Kate and had read her blog for a few months. We met up at Lost Valley and were on the trail by 2pm. It was an awesome day , the trails were mostly dry, and the temp hit 70. No complaints. I wanted the ride to be a positive experience. I hate to hear women compare their riding to others or hear them downplay something they did. Once the rules were out there, NO NEGATIVITY, we shredded some trail. Kate is very new to the mountain biking scene. She received her bike as a Christmas gift and was still getting used to it.

Kate rocked some technical spots that took me a long time to learn. I rode in front of her for a few miles , and then I would have her ride in front so I could see what kind of lines she was picking. I could easily make suggestions from behind. It was hard for her to hear me when I was in front. Several times I would hop off my bike and run a good line for her to ride. I remember what its like to not see a line anywhere, and it would have been great to have some chalk or something to lay down for her to follow. Most of my riding I I have learned from the fellas. Being able to ride with a fellow chica and talk about our girlie challenges while riding was very beneficial for both of us.

I plan to do more rides like this with beginner women. I think I may have got more out of it than Kate did. I loved the one on one interaction, but feel I would be comfortable with a small group. I am blessed to be near several trails with varying degrees of difficulty and length. I could easily fit these rides into my training schedule. Being a part of getting more women on bikes makes me feel like I am giving back to the sport/ lifestyle that has made me so happy . I loved watching Kate tackle that trail. I liked watching her smile when she made it through a tough spot. It's also nice to let the lungs loose and Hoot and Holler .It's supposed to be fun right?

Nice Job Kate. I am super proud of you!


  1. I <3 this post. What a great day! You rock. :)

  2. Very, very cool! You both rock.

  3. Maybe next year you guys could sign up as a 2-person team for the non-race :)