Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 7 of 12

I feel much better about my training this week. Even though Mother Nature has not been on my side I found a way around it and only spent a short time suffering in the rain. I am not sugar so I won't melt. I also swapped my roadie 23 tires for the 40's ! What a difference that made.

Mon- Trainer 30 miles 2 hrs

Tues- Road 25 miles 1hr 39

Wed-Road 27 miles 1hr 56

Thur- Road 18 miles 1hr 13

Fri- OFF

Sat- Charity 5k walk with Sydney
Road 12 miles

Sun- Mountain biking Middle Fork 37 miles { got lost}

Totals- 137 miles on the bike- 12 hrs

This next week is a rest week. Good thing too, pushing 34x19 yesterday almost turned me into a man. Ha Ha


  1. Looked like one of ur nuts finally dropped by the end of the race. Nice work.

  2. Nice work at MFXC. Thats a hard ride on a geared FS bike. You killed it on the SS making me look weak and sissy like.

  3. Nice miles! I'm so excited to be finished with the marathon so I can spend time on my bike again. Rain, rain, stay away...I won't melt, but the trails will.