Friday, August 19, 2011

The Goblin Shreds Lost Valley

Since being fired on Monday, I have been spending  time with my " two- wheeled therapist's".  After enjoying two days on the road, I took the Goblin out for some dirt.   A couple of my  rides  where not as good as they could have been.  Through no fault of the bike. My fault entirely.  I had a rough time dealing with the 100 degree heat and I bonked.

Wednesday was a beautiful day for the Goblin to take on Lost Valley.  A short 15 minute drive and I was on a magnificent trail all by myself.  I saw a few runners leaving , but did not see another human.  I was excited to practice gears and get a better feel for the new fella in the stable.  I have a 24 hr race, two 12 hr races and a 60 miler left to my season.  I would like to use this bike, but need some more on time on it.  Now, all I have is time.

Basking in the sun 

I love the descent into LV, in fact, I used to be terrified of it.  But,  once I saw I could make it pedaling down and still stay upright, I  hammer down it every time.  I take the climb up the middle, which was easy riding the Goblin. I think Airborne should have called it the Goat.  Might be hard to sell.  Once I reached the " new stuff"  I was comfortable and just let the bike flow.  Being familiar with the trail I started to go faster than I normally do.  Primarily a single speeder I don't get the chance to hammer 20 mph plus thru the flats.  Today was a different story all- together. As the first lap ticked off, I got a little full of myself with my new found speed.  I almost lost it several times, but have no flesh wounds.

Awesome 'shroom

I headed out for the second lap and was a bit more conservative since I was still alone.  I was enjoying myself and just flying along one of the flat sections, when I looked up to see a squirrel in the middle of the trail.  I thought he would move.  He didn't. I ran over his tail and he made the oddest sound.  I can't duplicate it but will always remember it.

I am still figuring out the gears, but can tell I have gotten much better. practice makes perfect right?

 It's dirty!  No trail was harmed.


  1. I was so jealous when I saw your post about riding Lost Valley. I haven't been on my mountain bike since the clinic. The combination of actually doing my half marathon training and working is playing hell with my bike time.