Friday, August 26, 2011

You've come a long way baby.....

I found inspiration this morning.  I did not get her name.  I was out for a run, with about a mile left, and I saw her.  She was roughly 5 ft 5 and weighed easily 250 plus.  She was walking to her ipod and really working hard.  I gave her a high five and told her "Great job".. She smiled and said the same.  I have seen her around the neighborhood before today. She doesn't know it, but she is my inspiration.

I am the blonde  2005.  About 220

Upon seeing her I immediately went back to how I felt when I was obese. It left me with chills.  At 5 ft 4 and 3/4 I used to weigh in at 220.  I am pretty sure that qualified me as obese.  I remember how much my body hurt, how many tears I cried , and how I just wanted to be my old self again.  I would have done ANYTHING to weigh the 125 I weighed when I married in 1999.

May 2011  Weighing 147!!!!


I am living proof that it can be done.  If you have some motivation and inspiration you can do a lot.  Your starting point is just that.  The next time I see her I will get her name , her story, and see if she would like a walking buddy.  I will also tell her that even though I only had a mile left, I tacked on another one because she inspired me to.  Wohooooo  I got in 6 miles today.  My longest run this year!

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  1. Sweetness - meant in a few ways. Inspired too, thanks!!