Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Middle-Fork Style

I am not a shopper.  I actually despise shopping, unless it's for food, bike stuff, or gear.  The weather was supposed to be awesome, upper 60's, perfect time for my husband to take me to Middle Fork.  Connor , my ss, hadn't crushed these trails since May.

All smiles

 We were going to do the loop, about 38 miles, at a casual pace.  I have had a lot of experience riding with Jim so I should have known better.  He likes to stop and take pictures, remove trees from the trail, and chat with anyone he may come across.  Those three things alone added several hours to our journey.  I am not complaining, I should have asked how many hours to plan for , instead of miles.   Any ride with my husband has a potential to be epic.  He does not disappoint.

Miss you John

Beautiful day 

Finally I got to see the memorial in person

TTM log

Making it look easy
Trying to keep feet dry

Friends Lisa and Steph

The happy couple

Monty's place

Crushing some gravel  Uphill

Odd sheep

Awesome day

Beautiful views on the way back


My awesome other half

After our ride we headed to Council Bluff campground to spend the night.  Did you know it's still open???  Support this by paying your camp/parking fees and they will leave it open next year too.  I have decided that ALL Black Fridays should be spent like this.  A TTM tradition, so to speak.

First customers of the day


  1. Nice work, Sasha & Lawman! What an awesome day and I agree...a great tradition!!...PunchOr

  2. Looks like a great day!!

    I spent Friday sacrificing a gorgeous day and a potential trail ride with friends so my husband could Black Friday shop. He does a lot of time with the kid so I can go play, though, so I could hardly complain about holding up my end of the parenting bargain...even if I happen to know that not of his Black Fri was done in a bike shop.

  3. Very nice Sasha! Hope you and yours are having a great holiday season!