Friday, May 6, 2011

Middle Fork Mayhem A Team Seagal Non Race

If you missed the 2nd Annual MFXC 2011 race then you will be very disappointed with my recollection of this race. You had to be there to experience it for yourself. I lack the appropriate verbage to describe exactly what took place. Also, what happens on the MF stays on the MF . I could never come close to writing as well as this either. If you stayed home because the thought of getting wet/muddy was just tooo much for you, I hope you HTFU this year, as being wet/muddy will be the least of your worries.

We met at a special place in the woods to begin our assault on the Middle Fork. We were given the rules, regulations, and other secret words before our send off. The race would be a little shorter than last years and would be going backwards. approximately 34 miles. The creeks and water crossings were high. We were going to get wet. There was a beautiful blue sky and it was sunny. Should i have packed along my rain jacket just in case? Nah

Jim talked me into running the Nico Toscani gear, 34x19. Nico , pictured above, may smile while riding this gear. Me , not so much. It was awesome on the road portions but quite challenging on the trail. I grunted and groaned while I pushed that gear. At times I to felt new chest hairs forming and poking through my jersey. I crashed four times. Only one was really serious, but I kept moving. Isn't it funny how the small scrapes and bruises hurt the most?

And the big stuff doesn't look like much?

I missed a turn and ended up in a huge open area. It was a good climb to this mining area so I will just call it extra training. It was here that I met the New East Coast Syndicate, a member of Team Seagal I had only heard of. I hope I made a good impression even though I was pissed I had gotten lost. Any lead I had worked so hard for was gone now. I saw both of my worthy opponents as I hopped on the trail. Surely those chicas on their gears would catch me at any moment. I am not used to being hunted, the one out front. Not sure if I liked it, but being there did push me a lot harder to stay there.

The cold rain/wind combo hit about 2 hours in. I was already soaked from the water crossings so no big deal. Except now it was very cold since the sun disappeared and I wasn't going to be dry any time soon. I just kept moving and cussing Jim for talking me into the Nico gear. I was trying to decide if I hug Jim first or kick him in the junk.

I played rabbit with Dan from OZ cycles. Not sure how he felt about it, so Dan, if you read this, leave a comment and tell me how you really feel. After 4 hours I saw the KONA tent with several jerks huddling to keep dry/warm. Success tasted like mud, but it was success. I finished in 4hrs and 10 minutes. I nabbed myself a sweet trophy and a $25 gift certificate to Flaco's Taco's.

The other chicas finished shortly after me and we sported our mud facials to Dos Primos. Great times and further proof that, " the best things in life are free"!!!!


  1. Woo hoo! Way to go, even if your memory sucks and you can't follow a trail, you still kick a$$. :)

  2. Superior race, Chica!