Friday, December 16, 2011

UltraFit 2000 Sports Headphone Review With A Sweet Deal

Last week I told you about the UltraFit 1000 Sports headphones.  This week I want to introduce you to the   UltraFit 2000 on ear headphones.  These are perfect for someone who does not care for ear-buds or in the ear headphones.   They will cover your ear and the headband goes behind your neck, instead on top of your head. Polk uses a 'SecureFit' system, which keeps them  in place and quite comfortably. I wore these for several walks and runs, as well as a couple bike rides.

1. Headphones
2. Protective Case
3. 1 pair of silicone ear pads
4. 2 pair foam ear pads
5. 1 pair cold weather Shearling pads
6. Connection adapter
7. Shirt clip

I was still aware of my surroundings, and could hear beyond the music.  This surprised me since the ear pads covered my ears. The sound quality was just as impressive as the 1000's.  The 2000's come with an attached,  flat 46" long, tangle free audio cable.  Also included is a 3.5mm connector cord that is designed to fit through the small opening of your carrying case.  These headphones come with the same stain-guard and moisture resistant properties as the 1000's.  Punish them.   They can take it.

The orange clips keep them in place

  Looking at these in a photo I thought they would be heavy and cumbersome.  They were neither.  They weigh approximately 2.5 oz.  I did not notice I had them on, even after a couple hours.  These can be used while wearing a helmet.  In fact, you could wrap the cord in the back of your helmet and hook them on to the helmet.  Thanks for the tip Mike.

Helmet fit

  I liked the on ear three button remote and microphone, over the 1000's button being on the audio cable.  Just my preference. I also like the choice of ear pads.   The "cold weather Shearling pads" are a good option to have while braving Missouri winters.

The UltraFit 2000's cost $69.95 and come in black/red and orange/white.  You can still win a pair of these by signing up here .  If you are local, you can stop by Ballwin Cycles and drop your name in the hat. The drawing will be on Dec. 23rd.  Polk audio is also giving you 20% off starting today ( Dec. 16) until Dec. 31st.  Sweet deal at $55.96.

Stay tuned for the 3000's review.  Which are also 20% off.

I was not compensated for this review in any way.  This is my opinion.

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