Tuesday, December 6, 2011

UltraFit 1000 Sports Headphone Review


This original post was written over 18 months ago.  I wanted to let you know these headphones are still going strong. They have been my go to headphones for running and biking.  I have used them in a few half marathons complete with torrential downpours and freezing temps and in extreme heat they should have melted in or at least shorted out from copious amounts of sweat.  Not once did they stutter, short out or struggle. I have been very impressed with them since day one.   Recently, I put them through the washer connected to my ipod. What an expensive accident, right?  When I pulled them from my jersey pocket I was also missing one of the ear pieces. Honestly, I wasn't feeling very lucky that either the heaphones nor the Ipod would be functional.  I crossed my fingers, put the headphones in and turned on the Ipod.  Damn! BOTH items worked! NOTE...you may or may not be as fortunate. I immediately contacted the Polk Audio Customer Service people and they offered to send me two sets of ear pieces, FREE.  Now that's service! ( I ended up finding the ear piece in the dryer the following day, good as new even though it had been through the dryer several times, it did not melt)

 I was forced to use a set of substandard headphones to cut the grass that day.  Never again!  Using those garbage headphones made me realize how good I have it and that I should probably order a backup pair. The sound quality sucked and after a while I yanked them out and listened to the mower, it sounded better than the music. I have never had a pair of headphones this long, especially a pair that has withstood some challenging uses. Life is too short to use crappy headphones. Stop settling. Here's the link if you would like a pair.  

If you are one of those who like to take your music with you while you train or enjoy the outdoors, you will want to check this out.  Nice, huh?  I've had a set of those headphones for three weeks now. No need to be jealous, relax, I will tell you about them and how you can score a pair.   I've used  them running and riding, in good weather and in bad.  I was not bribed or promised anything to review  these headphones. This is my opinion.


 I think the folks at POLK have thought of  nearly everything when it comes to manufacturing headphones.  They were built for the fella that might be a little hard on his stuff, the weekend warrior, the endurance athlete that needs motivation at 3am, for those who sweat,  run in the rain, and those who just play long and hard.  These headphones are fully adjustable, and will fit even the funkiest shaped ear.  The ear wraps are totally flexible and mold to the shape of your ear to give a comfy superior fit.  Polk includes one small, medium, and large silicone ear tip, since all ears are not created equal.

My first test run...  I found my ear tip size, plugged into my Ipod,  clipped my Ipod on the back of my shirt collar, no cables, and was off.  After pounding the pavement for thirty minutes, I found that the 1000's stayed exactly where I put them.  I did not have to readjust, tighten, or loosen them.   Not having any cables bouncing around was cool.  The fit, inside my ear, did not close off the world entirely.  I was able to hear traffic and if someone spoke to me. That point is very important from a safety aspect.

The 1000's promise an " ultra high performance digital sound", and they delivered. The sound quality was like nothing I had ever heard.  I have bought a lot of cheap headphones since my birth.  I am now getting the big picture....  You get what you pay for.  The fit was so comfortable, I forgot they were in my ears on a nine hour journey by bike I took last week.   I have sweated in these and used them in the rain.  The moisture shield did its job.  Plus, they did not fall out. You don't have to worry about your ear tips stinking either. They are odor resistant and washable.

These headphones come with three cable cable lengths, depending on your preference.  I used the short, 14" cable for a run, once.  I did not use the shirt clip, also included, but barely noticed the cable swinging.  It was very light and did not tangle.  I tried the 41" cable, with three-button remote control and microphone while talking on my phone.  Honestly, it's highly possible I will not use these cables again.  I like it Simple. I will store them in the protective zippered bag Polk provided, in case I change my mind.

UltraFit1000 Simple
The UltraFit 1000's run $69.95 but.....
You could WIN a pair for yourself if you go here. There will be three winners in Dec..  If you 'like' Polk Audio on Facebook, you can follow monthly giveaways and learn more about their products.  OR, if you are near Ballwin Cycles, located at 15340 Manchester Rd, stop in to see Mark  and put your name in the hat to win a pair.  Drawing to be held Dec. 23rd.  Hell, do all three and goood luck.

Stay tuned for  the UltraFit 2000 review.  I have a pair of UltraFit 3000 to try, if I can steal them back from my son.

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