Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dirty Kanza Contest

The Dirty Kanza 200, THE Premiere Endurance Gravel Road Race, will begin at 6am on Saturday June 2nd.  This will be my second attempt, read about last year here.  My training has gone well and I expect to finish this year. However, I have no idea how long riding 200 miles will take me, do you?  Contest time!!!!

I have a pair of highly coveted Team Seagal socks, filled with Superior Attitude and Superior State of Mind, for the individual who guesses how many hours, without going over, that it will take me to complete this challenge.  You know you want them , so take a shot.  Leave your guess in the comment section before June 1st.  Good luck.

Breaking News.......

Yesterday, the DK promoters informed us that you will be able to follow our progress by logging in to 

Then follow along on your iPads, iPods, smartphones and PC's to watch live video streaming from the DK200 race course. Live footage will begin at approximately 5:30 am, 30 minutes before the start of the race on Saturday, June 2nd. Snipits of live footage, along with commentary will then be uploaded throughout the day, with a concentration on the final 40 miles of the course. Three large flat-screen TV's will be set up at the Finish Line Block Party, so you can watch the action unfold while you enjoy a cool DK200 brew at the Beer Garden. It's time to get your party on, folks!!!

WOW, this is going to be the most painful FUN I have ever experienced.

Less than two weeks to see this red door!


  1. That is my favorite picture of a door. Striking Red!

  2. 15:17:43...let's see if I can be that exact

  3. 21 hours 42 minutes
    Good luck Wendy!!

  4. 19:45
    Ride it like you stole it!

  5. 15:37 That sounds like a really good number..Good Luck and be safe.

  6. 18 hours, 10 minutes. Good luck!

  7. I already have a pair, so I'm not going to be greedy. Can't wait to see you there! :)

  8. I'm guessing 15:15 since this is my lucky number. Proud of ya!

  9. My day was just over 19 hours in the saddle. I can't wait to tell you about it, as soon as my brain returns from mush. Congratulations Dave! Send me your address, and I will get those socks right out to you.