Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Only 200 Miles

Dirty Kanza is just a couple days away. Hell Yeah!  I can't even put into words how excited I am for this event to finally be here. I have thought about this race everyday since being robbed last year.  In my opinion, this 200 miles in the middle of Kansas is not a race.  Just a LONG ride, a journey to be completed. This will also be my longest ride to date. I know I can do this, right?

I am very proud of my trading card. You can pick one up at the Emporia Realty Group.  Stop in and buy a house or two while you are there.   I was asked to write an article for the DK magazine. They gave me four pages!!!  I will post a link when I have one.

Please send me some good mojo on Saturday morning.  I start at 6am and will pedal until the finish line. You can follow the race here starting at 530am.  My fabulous pit crew, Emma Gossett, will be posting updates on FaceBook, if she has service.

Make a guess on how many hours it will take me and win some Team Seagal socks.  Details here.

This Kona is ready to kick ass
And so am I.


  1. Good luck Wendy!! Looking forward to seeing you there...and hearing about how you crushed the "long ride". :)

  2. Good Luck!! You so got this Wendy!!

  3. Go get them Wendy, you will do great and have a memory of a lifetime.

  4. Go, Go, Go!!! YOU CAN DO IT!