Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Superior Sock Contest

You know you want me

Good day followers, friends and FaceBook fans.  Are you creative?  Need an attitude adjustment?  In need of some cool socks?  All of the above?  I have some Team Seagal socks up for grabs.   Keep reading...

Who: Any male or female residing in the USA

What:  Re-name my blog

Why:  Because it's time for a change

Where:  Post you suggestions on this blog post, on my FB page ( Wendy Davis ), or post on   APabstSmear FB page
When:  Entries accepted  January 24th until February 1st at midnight 

 How:  Leave me a comment with your title suggestion in any of the three designated spots for your chance to win


  You can enter as many times as you like.  Be creative.  Keep it clean , the entire world will see it. Remember it's a title, so make it short. 

 On Feb. 2nd I will post my top five picks on this blog.  A final decision will be made on Feb. 5th. The winner will be announced by 8pm on this blog, and on facebook.  
  You will receive one pair of socks for your winning submission.  I will either mail them or put them in your hands if you are local.  They look amazing in the photo, but even better when they are on. These socks come in small/medium and large/xtra large. If you have XXL feet, I will substitute the socks for something equally superior.

Any questions? 

Thanks for your help.  Feel free to share this post.  I am eager to see what you come up with.  

*** Blog content will not change


  1. I am suffering a hideous lack of inspiration, but I WILL come up with something fabulous. :)

    Also, I tagged you in an 11 random things post if you'd like to play along.

  2. Round 1: Life Out Loud or Living Out Loud. To me, that encompasses your all-in, full-tilt approach to life, standing out and living what you've learned. And, of course, you're a *little* loud. :)

  3. I love it... So,you think I am loud huh? You haven't heard anything yet.

    1. I know you're loud. And I love it. :)

  4. Wendy's Wanderings, or Wendy's Wonderings. Either 1 works. :)

  5. How about the "PBR Me ASAP"

  6. Hey I just saw this, Wendy. I want those socks! Glad the deadline was extended. I'll start thinkin.....

  7. Singletrack Mind

    i think i have another... gotta think about...

  8. Thanks to a bout of insomnia, starting with a barking dog at 2:38 a.m. and the sudden thought of those damned socks, I came up with a few blog titles:

    The Rider's Block, RMFAO, Sasha's Sweet Adventures, Road Rash, The Dirt Diaries*, The Daily Dirt*, COGnitive Thinking, Spinning My Wheels*, The Daily Grind, and Shifting Gears*.

    And for Peat Henry, For the Love of Peat - "If I had gears, my bike would be heavy" - How the Hell I Do It. (At like 3ish, I thought "for the love of pete, why can't I frickin sleep" which triggered that one) and finally for any mechanics out there: The Tangential Tinker or Cogs and Blogs.

    (*my faves. I had some more but I lost them somewhere between 3am and 4)

    As you can see, I didn't sleep much last night. If I win those cool socks, Wendy, can you throw in a pillow?

  9. Wow Karen. You had a very creative, non sleeping morning. If you win the socks I will throw in some earplugs. Thanks for your help.