Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Husbands Mistress

This has been going on for months.  All he does is talk about her.  All the things he is going to buy her.  Oh the places they will go together, the sights they will see.  The two of them will be spending a lot of time together and will see more than their fair share of sunsets and sunrises, that will entail sleepovers.  As her accessories began to roll in, box after box of specially hand picked items, with a "nothing is too good for you" attitude.  Sparing no expense was the way to go with this one. She is something special. It's only $$.

Things became real just last night.  He brought her home so I could meet her.  I have to say I approve as she happily gave me a short ride.  It was easily seen that Jim was very pleased with himself.  He had hand picked this beauty.  She had everything he wanted and everything she needed to fulfill his wildest desires.  The look in his eyes was unmistakable.  She was going to be devoured TODAY, right now in fact.  So, as any good wife should... I backed away.  I turned my head and walked away, retreating back into the house.  I knew I couldn't compete with that so I let him go.

Jim quickly changed clothing, packed a backpack with fuel, fun and other necessities and they left together.  I asked him how long he would be.  He said a few hours.  Yeah right.  I knew better.  He would be gone at least six, I always double what he answers.  His past girls have taught me to do that.  Give it time, let it run it's course.  Another one will be along soon.  However, this one has me worried.  This may be THE ONE! I have never seen this look in his eyes before nor the shit eating grin on his face.  Was I getting jealous?

Just as predicted the mister was gone about eight hours.  He did check in although it was quick and seemed somewhat awkward.  He introduced her to his friends and they all had a beer together.  How nice.  Both of his jerk friends gave her the thumbs up, complimented her seat, and mentioned they would like to take her for a ride too.

Jim came inside beaming and braggin'.  He left her just a tad dirty, didn't even wipe her off.  Not my place to say anything, fellas feel free to chime in.

38.5 miles maiden voyage

This morning I got to re-hear how awesome she is. Hell, within minutes of waking he casually mentions "I may go out with her again today", and then he runs off to say good morning to her. This will be an ongoing saga for sure.

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