Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dirty Jane Welcomes Spring With a Sweet Deal

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Mother Nature has been quite a bitch and seems to have a death grip on winter. Now that it is March she is continuing top play with us and give us two nice riding days and then some crazy cold bullshit. The cycle has repeated it self several times in the past three weeks.  M. Nature has  introduced me to the coldest temps and impressive winds I have ever witnessed. Flexing her weather muscles, we are so at her mercy.  We would have a nice normal uneventful day followed by snow and ice and schools closed.  Way to go bitch, you served up a helluva winter.

We here at Dirty Jane would like to celebrate getting your ass off the couch and back on your bike where it belongs.  We have a super sweet deal to offer and we want you to take full advantage of it.  Dirty Jane is offering their signature PURPLE 3/4 th sleeve jersey by Royal Racing.  I did a review on  the white jersey and can attest to it's worthiness.  Read here.  I am currently awaiting delivery of my purple jersey and can't wait to rock it.

You can show the world you are a Dirty Jane too buy purchasing your own jersey.  For a limited time we are offering our regularly $45 priced jersey for $38! USE PROMO CODE FWinter. Offer is valid until April 15 2014.  After you receive your jersey send us a shot, post it to our FaceBook page and tag Dirty Jane so we see it. Then we will provide you with a discount for 15% off some more Dirty Jane goodies.

How can you not take advantage of this?  Fellas all you need to know is your gals shirt size and you could surprise her with one.  Purple is the new pink, it's an awesome shade coupled with black and some sweet detailing down the side.  She will love the 3/4th sleeve and the relaxed fit that frees her up to ride comfortably.

APPLICATIONS are still being accepted if you want to be a part of the Dirty Jane crew until March 31st.  You can find all that info here.  Good Luck!

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