Tuesday, June 17, 2014


You cannot buy a Dirty Kanza 200 sticker. You can steal one or earn one and I wouldn't recommend stealing one, chances are good you will get hurt. Some riders earn theirs rather quickly crossing the line in 11 or 12 hours, others of us like to get our monies worth and drag it out to the 22 hour cut off.  My first DK sticker took 19 hrs, my second took 19:32 hrs and the third only took 16:57.  Knowing what I went through to receive this sticker I was not going to place it anywhere lightly.

In 2012 I watched my husband peel his sticker off and place it firmly on our Subaru shortly after he received it, too short in my opinion.  I was taken aback, I mean, we will not have that car forever ya know.  I couldn't believe he just did that!!  In 2013 Jim peeled his sticker and put it on the Skybox the day after the race. WTH?  How could he do that?  With what seemed little or no regard toward the effort he had to expend to get it. I was clearly on the other side of the fence and couldn't bear to part with any of mine. However, since acquiring the third I finally felt okay with letting one go. In actuality I did not really let it go... I laminated it to my laptop. Yes, I am still an noncommited pansy.

Seeing this everyday is quite a motivator

Below is a great collection of how several finishers showed their DK stickers off.  Enjoy!

Mickey from Ofallon MO is clearly an overachiever. I saw him around the gravel circut but   
this was his first attempt at the DK.  He raced the sun and won! Nice job Mickey!

Team Trail Monster, aka Jim Davis 

Curt shows the division that has to happen when placed with 'less'.  The 150's are from the OGRE, a real MuthaFocker I hear, and should not be taken lightly.  Curt finished the DK in just over 15 hours.  He is definitely a beast. 

Michael told me of his first two stickers that ended up on vehicles he has sold.
Getting the sticker this year was a must. he busted his ass on his singlespeed and slapped it on his Prius!

Matt, also known as 'water gravel angel' sent this in.  He hopes it inspires him to "step away from the fridge" and return to the DK  with a better time next year.  You can do it Matt!

Steve, a single speed endurance junkie from MO sent in this photo with the caption...
"I thought that 5K would never end"  

Jenny is a seasoned athlete but has not put a sticker on her car until now.  She calls this "the one sticker that really matters.  I watched her cross the finish line, her expression was priceless.  Exhaustion, elation, joy, pain, and a realization of what she just did.  She said "I need to work on speed for next year" within minutes of finishing.  Badass Jenny!

Hunter from MO is just an animal on his single speed.  As you can see he is also quite successful riding it.  He took 2nd this year at the DK and we couldn't be prouder.  I envision him returning in 2015 and standing on top spot.  You can do it Hunter!

This guy clearly gets around.  This would be Rick, owner of Mulready's Pub right there in Emporia.  Super nice guy, took time to give me a quick tour of the place and offered me a job if I move there.  If I make it Rick I will take you up on that.

This last photo is from Jay (MO).  He joined the gravel forces this year and stuck his first DK!  On the left you see 340.0 which is from the MR340 paddle, yes paddle.  He told me he wants to do an IronMan to even things out a bit.

What did you do with your sticker???

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