Friday, July 10, 2015

Meet The Newest Trail Nugget Ambassador

Recently I was chosen to be in the Rodeo Adventure Labs Trail Nugget Ambassador Program.   So exciting and quite a game changer to have a fuel sponsor!  Proper fueling means I can ride faster and for longer periods.  As an endurance athlete that means a lot.  I am very eager to get to know this company better and be a formidable ambassador for them.

  My husband was waiting for me at a Checkpoint at the DK200 and handed a few samples, which were full size nuggets. After we got home I was cleaning up my gear and came across them.  Intrigued and still starving from riding over 19 hours I opened the Peanut CoCo Apocalypse   flavor. In a word it was scrumptious!  I scoured my gear box for another, no luck but there were other flavors.

I took the remaining bars/nuggets on recovery rides and longer endurance pedals.  The Lemon Almond Hot Date bar was with me on a recent 60 miler.  It was an incredibly humid day, mid 90's, and I was sweating more than I was breathing.  I was  nervous pulling it from my jersey, the nugget probably melted like most do.  The packing was still perfect and the nugget was exactly the same as it was three hours ago.  I broke it into four pieces and ate as I pedaled.  I was very surprised I liked it because I am not a huge lemon bar fan, obviously I hadn't found the right lemon bar yet.  Returning to my Jeep I wished I had another Peanut Coco Apocalypse nugget to snack on while I drove home.  I bet those are awesome paired with a glass of ice cold milk.

I did not get to try the Just Beet It Trail Nugget yet.  I love beets so I expect I will like this flavor as well.  The fact that the bars are made with ingredients I can pronounce and understand is important because there is a lot of junk out there.  They are also natural, vegan, raw, kosher, and gluten free.

You can go here to see how Trail Nuggets started and go here to purchase some nuggets for yourself.  You are going to love 'em!  Like their FaceBook page to stay in the loop.  If you see me out and about ask me about Trail Nuggets, I may even have some to share.

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