Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Week With Shaun T.

Lucky for me that I dont mind working out in a pool of my own sweat. Week #2 of Insanity is now complete. With Jim out of town this week I learned two things.

1. I really missed him
2. Its way more fun to do the dvds with him.

I like Shaun T. I like his personality and I enjoy(?) his workouts. Shaun is a huge believer in the power of stretching, especially your hip flexors. And now I understand why. I am more flexible and could really see a difference while biking and running this week. I felt like I had a better stride and a more efficient pedal stroke. There was more power behind it and I was faster. I am getting stronger and am able to do more reps of each excercise. The real proof will be tomorrow ( Mon ) when we measure and take another fit test.

Thank you Shaun T. for making my jiggly parts less jiggly and helping me to DIG DEEP .

I also have to admit there is "something" to calorie counting. I have not been hungry and had plenty of calories left over every day. However,I have experienced anxiety having these calories left over. When I see that I have 500 calories left over(around 9pm) I struggle with deciding if I am really hungry or just want to eat because I have calories left. It has taken me years to listen to my body and to learn to feed it what it needs. I dont want to screw it up now.

**** A big thanks to whomever has done all the trial work out at LV. I am very glad to see the pile of logs before the creek removed .. On Thurs. I did my fastest loop EVER. I'd like to tell you what it was, but, there is a race there in June and I might be there. Keep the competition on their toes..

The next race on my calendar is the Berryman Offroad Duathlon on June 5. This day is also my 11th wedding anniversary and I cant think of anything else I would rather be doing. The race is 6 or 12 hours of trail running and mountain biking. The course is roughly 4.5 mile run and 12.5 mile bike. You alternate between the two and complete as many laps as you can. Love to bike and not run? Or vice versa ? Just grab yourself a partner and compete in the team division.

Jason and Laura, BONKHARD RACING, put on challenging adventure races all year. Jim and I have competed in several. But I like this one because the course is marked. No maps. No compasses. The prizes and schwag are always fantastic. Leave your excuses at home and come enjoy the Berryman Trail.
Bonkhard Races NEVER disappoints.

Last year I completed 4 laps. Not bad for a girl. This year I am going for 5. And those of you that know me, know that I will give it hell. Thats just over 60 miles of biking and trail running almost a marathon. So, go ahead and tell me I cant do it. I love a challenge.

Lastly, a final note to my husband...
"Baby, I am gonna wear you out".

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