Monday, May 17, 2010


After completing another grueling week with Shaun T., We all decided we deserved some family time and camping. The forecast of rain did not change our minds, since we knew that we would not melt. After packing everything we could possibly need we headed to Council Bluff. We had not been there since October. Boy, did that bring back some memories. We brought our newly acquired canoe for its maiden voyage and our bikes.

The plan was to take care of some trees on the trail and also shred some. TRAIL KARMA is something I believe in. As you can see by the video, Sydney had a great time. Running behind her I got to see how well she handles her strider and watch her pick some excellent lines. At 4 years old she is truly amazing. I already see us lying about her age so she can start racing. Jim thinks she may be ready for pedals. I think that will only make her faster. It was unfortunate that our bikes never made it off the trailer. Sometimes things just dont go how you plan them.

The canoe ride at CB on Sunday was fun and relaxing for everyone BUT me. I have a wierd fear of the water. My neighbor said " I didnt think you were afraid of anything" Well, I am, water. Whats odd is that while doing adventure races I dont even think about it. Go figure! I hope to squash this fear soon so I can do a triathlon.

This weekend I am riding " with some friends ". I have been looking forward to this for months. The forecast is going to be 90 degrees. WTF? I was hoping for dry and about 80. Hopefully, we will have time to do a loop of the Berryman since the Bonkhard Duathlon is there in 2 weeks. I want to plan my 5 lap strategy and see what shape the trail is in. Which can change drastically in the next 2 weeks, but I want to do it anyway.

CB trail needs some work. A few bikers told me that there were many trees down on the loop. Hopefully, we can organize a weekend of trail work and some riding after. I cant wait to ride CB trail again. Already thinking of October. Team Seagal has titles to defend!!!!

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