Wednesday, May 26, 2010


That one word alone describes how Sundays MFXC 2010 non-race, non-event, whatever you wanna call it, was. I had been waiting for this like some girls get excited about their wedding. Jim and I had headed to CB early Fri. to get set up and resume some trail work we were not able to get to last weekend. There were still a handful of trees to remove and we wanted to check on the OTA guys and see exactly where the mowing was completed. After about 4 hours of trail work we headed to our home for the weekend at 17D.

I was thrilled when Bob Jenkins drove up and then shortly after that Storm arrived. It was going to be a great night!! And from what I remember it was. It was great to catch up with Bob, since we had not seen each other since the 24hr race. Storm was the "bringer of gifts", and promptly made sure we all had the new Schlafly IPA, one day old, in our hands. That beer is almost as good as Pabst..

Waking up on Sat. morn was a little slow, but with lots to do we packed up quickly and headed out. Bob and I were going to ride with Storm while he marked the course. It was seriously HOT. Jim would have loved to have come with us, however, his bike had other plans and decided to snap its own wrist. Its the second bikeicide I have seen. ( Good news, It was warrantied and a new frame is on the way ) After all the singletrack was marked we headed to CB for much needed showers. Showers are $2 for 8 mins. Dont forget your quarters.

What happened Sat. evening was a little weird. There was some strange music,bright lights aswirling and a potpourri of peeps having a dance party. When I saw there were cameras I left. A picture there would definitely be worth at least a thousand words. Unfortunately, I had already seen too much and that made going to sleep somewhat difficult. I did not party that evening because I had decided that I wanted to earn that piece of wood the next day. I had set my sights rather high, since I knew Steph and Karen would be up for the challenge. I am a dreamer.

On nonrace day I woke up ready to take on the world. I felt great and had already made peace with the heat. Having a superior attitude really helped. I was unable to find my glasses,( shit #1 ) and could not locate the Garmin ( shit #2 ). I was not off to a great start. I rode to the boat launch, later than I intended, and was just in time to get my spoke card and talk to a small group of people. I was delighted to see so many nonracers and even the race poachers. The more the merrier.

After one of the shortest racer meetings ever we ran to our bikes. My plan was to stay on whichever girl was first. It was Steph. And my plan worked great , until I got my first flat. I have not had a flat in 2 years and have never had one in a race. I was due. I also found out I was not prepared either. Then, as if it was magic, three handsome,able bodied, young men came to my rescue. Bob, Luke, and John Farinella.. My heroes. They took total control of the situation and before I knew it I was back in the game. I had to change goals at this point. I still had a slim chance, now I just wanted to catch up. Then at a small, but deep creek Connor threw me and flat #2 arrived. I was outta tubes. Keith W. came along and offered me one of his. Thanks Keith, I owe you. Then the magic happened. Those same 3 fellas I spoke of earlier appeared and took over. AGAIN. I now know what Lance Armstrong feels like. Apparently he doesnt change his flats either. One of them offered me his wheel and then his bike so I could get going quickly. Farinella changed this flat so fast I did not have time to respond to Bobs generous offer.

I now changed my game plan entirely. I was going to finish. There would be no wood coming home with me. As I was riding my front wheel kept slipping and wobbling. It was frightening to look down and see it moving from side to side. Every downhill I had to stop and tighten it. Having a superior state of mind helped at these times. I was fortunate to roll up on T'tocs, Punchor, and our newest member Todd at mile 17. Punchor looked like death and Todd was taking him back. T'tocs was wanting to finish so he soldiered on with me. I have a son his age so we got along well. I know it was difficult at times,especially when we continued on the trail instead of making a left onto gravel. After riding thru that overgrown section, that cut you to shreds, there is roughly 2 more miles of it, and parts of it are much worse. We took the trail less traveled and suffered greatly for it. I swear the horse shit/mud pit was calf high. And it smelled awful. I am very lucky to have had this experience with him. I learned what being a teammate really means. All in all the day unfolded exactly the way it was meant to. Next year it will be on though. It was great to see Ben G. finish also. The guy was smiling so much my face hurt.

This weekend we are headed back to CB. I will ride the loop this time. Hopefully I will have Connor in tip top shape and ready for our next journey. Next Sat. is the Berryman Duathlon. The goal is to do 5 laps, stay hydrated, and move forward for 12 hours. With some elite racers in the mix now I am really looking forward to it. Every time I see Jeff and Carrie Sona I learn something. They race for the Alpine Shop and are amazing. Sign up for this ends on Fri. So, Dont be a puss!! Sign up and we will see you there.

Ps. Bob, I have your harmonica.


  1. Ben G doesn't have a single grain of sand in his vajorna.

    I'm still shaking my head and wondering how those guys can ride that shit in 3 and a half hours.

  2. Why would you want to ride that fast anyway?? They dont get to see what we do.