Thursday, June 3, 2010


As many of you already know... My 4 year old is riding a bike with pedals now and NO training wheels. She started her biking on the front of my bike, in a saddle- type seat , when she was about 18 months old. She received a Strider bike for Christmas in 2008 and the rest is history. I am so proud of her. She has discovered a new freedom now and wants to ride everyday, all day. She will do and say whatever she needs to in order to ride. She is a lot like US huh? I will admit to being very difficult to be around if I dont get to ride.

We ended up at Council Bluff for the 3rd weekend in a row thanks to the generosity of Mitch the Mashor, who made his campsite available to us since he was not able to use it the entire weekend. Jim and I both got to do a HOT lap, which was because of the heat not our speed. Sydney got to ride as much as she could handle and even got to do some in the dark. On Sun. eve I tucked her in to the tent with her legs propped up on pillows. Yeah, how many 4 year olds do you know that get to ride that much?? I guess we will have to limit her riding at some point, but how???

Along with riding we got to hike and spend time in our canoe. I felt much better about the lake this time. On Mon. we put the chainsaw in the canoe and circled the lake. Jim was able to remove several trees this way. A couple of bikers shouted where the trees were which made it easier. Who would have thought??

There were some rockstars at CB this weekend too. Prepare to be jealous... The Matt James, and his wife Liz, Drewby, and The Professor and his wife Maggie were in attendance. It was great to sit and visit and sponge some tips from them. While Maggie played rocks with Syd I was able to relax. A great deal of my day was spent running behind Syd while she rode. I will need to get faster.

The Duathlon is finally here and its time to get packing. I am as ready as I will ever be. Mr Nico Toscani has been very gracious and offered Jim a bike so he will be able to compete. My goal is to complete 5 laps . Here's the problem, I will have to start my 5th lap by 5pm. That means I will need to complete roughly 18 miles of running and 50 miles of biking in less than 10 hours. I told someone this week " ANYTHING is possible. You have to believe and fight like hell to make it happen." Hmmmm. I guess that statement now applies to me. Hopefully, it wont rain or reach 91 as the forecast shows.

If you have nothing to do and nowhere to go this weekend, I suggest you come to Berryman and volunteer for this race. Jason gives you a 50% off certificate to any Bonkhard Race and he will also feed you. I promise you will have fun. And YES, there will be BEER. Jason is also doing race day signups if you want to get in on it. Hope to see you there

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  1. gooood luck with that:) Wish I could come down and hang out, but I'm already locked in for the DK.

    If you and Jim aren't busy on July 3rd, check out I live 5 miles from the finish line, and you can stay at my place if you don't wanna drive.