Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brommelseik Race

This race was fantastic and if you missed it you can start kicking yourself now. Mitch, Greg, and the two Todd's ( Hecht and Holtman ) put on a fast, fun, well organized race. There were several volunteers around the course shouting encouragement which is always nice. I love this trail. Minus the horse poo. It was unfortunate for me that the race course ran opposite of how I normally ride it, so it was not real familiar to me until about lap 3. I was glad to be back on my bike after the 3 week hiatus. I did apologize to Connor since he was 100% and I was about 75%.

My gear choice was 32x19, in hindsight should have done 34x19. I think that might have helped me in the field portions, where the geared chicas smoked me. At times I felt like I was spinning my legs off. There were 6 women racing in marathon. That is the most I have seen. My goal was 6 laps. The heat was minor for me but major for others. I used a 50 oz. Camelback and only stopped once to fill it with ice. I used one 3 hour Sustained Energy bottle , but did not finish it.I did feel awful on my second lap when a fella asked me if I had a tube and I didnt. I set out on this race without a tube or a pump. Yes, on purpose. I felt confident that there was no way God would allow me to flat since I was trying to get my groove back . I saw many people cursed with flats, my husband had like 3. I also felt bad riding past him 2 times while he changed them. I wanted to ride for the 3 hours and just see where I was at. Did I lose any fitness over the last 3 weeks? It was also my first long ride with my new body armor. Besides looking like a Power Ranger it was quite comfortable. As long as I wear it I know Jim and my mom will feel better. ( I do too ) It was not planned that I would be lapped by the 2 geared queens, but it happened. I did not let it kill my spirit since I know Steph and Christine lapped some guys too. If this race was 6 hours longer I think I would have caught them...I do think I saw flames when they passed me. How did they get that fast? Truly amazing women. If I could keep up with them maybe I could learn something. I would gladly trade some endurance for some speed.

I did achieve my goal of 6 laps. I got to hang out with some awesome peeps and enjoy a delicious Pabst after so it was a good day. I am not a whiner but will admit my arm was sore afterwards. I hope to be 100% in a few weeks and will embrace the pain and make peace with it for now.

My next post will include a short story of the 5 day hospital stay and some gross pics of the injury. You have been warned , so you are on your own if you choose to look at them.

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