Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gross Hospital Pics

I am not a fan of hospitals! They are full of sick people . I spent 5 days vegetating in a bed, watching TV, being stuck with needles,filled to the brim with Vancomyicin ( had 8 bags ), and chasing the morphine dragon. I got the pleasure of having a CT ScAN, MRI/MRA scans ( can you say clausterphobia?), X-RaYS , etc. They were nice enough to come to my room to perform the EKG (since everyone freaked when only my left pupil dilated HUGE ) The docs scared me in to thinking there were serious things wrong . I had surgery to clean out the debris left behind by the first doc. The day after was very painful since it had to be scrubbed, with a bristle brush, and then packed with gauze. Removing the gauze and repeating the scrubbing was not fun. Luckily I healed quickly and only had to endure that for about 1 week. I think Jim secretly liked watching me squirm and scream during the cleanings.

However,after climbing into those machines, getting poked ,xrayed, being hooked up to a heart monitor, and getting my eyes checked we find out nothing is wrong with me. There is also nothing wrong with my head, in case some of you were wondering. I have healed quite fast and wont even have a killer scar. I really wanted a gnarly one that people would ask about. I would just shrug and say " mountain biking", with a smile of course .
I am back riding again and hope there are no more falls, spills, endows, or hospital visits. I am very thankful I was not alone, since Jim spent 5 days of vaca beside my bed. Thanks Babe.

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