Monday, June 14, 2010

Berryman Duathlon Report

The race started like any other. I was excited and nervous to be racing against Carrie Sona, Karen H and Emily - Carrie and I chose to run first - It was hot and muggy already at 7AM. About 1 mile in on the first bike lap, my back tire slid out - I fell - I picked up my bike with my right hand and went to brush off my left arm. Blood quirted from my elbow/forearm. Immediately dropped Connor and used my brand new bike glove to stop the bleeding. I screamed for Jim who was just ahead. He had his iPod on - he did not hear me. Later, he said he thought he heard something, but though it was me enjoying a downhill. I hiked my bike back the mile. I vaguely remember growling at the person who took my bike from me. A 6-hour racer, Dave, the voice of reason, was there to rinse my arm and talk me into going to the ER in Potosi. Gabrielle R was kind enough to give me a lift in Robs car.

Dr. Christmas numbed me, kind of cleaned me, put in 10 stitches and then informed me I could get back on my bike - YAHOO! - On the drive back I reformulated my race plan - I only lost 2 hours - I still have a chance - Gabby please Drive faster! I'll only have 40 minutes of the numbing juice left when I get back.

Mile 6 was extremely painful - I've never had stitches and due to their placement, it was impossible to lift my front wheel. The newly added water bars - about 20 - were a challenge. I can do this still - I finished the 12 mile ride and changed shoes for the run. By now my arm was sweaty and stinging. I didn't need my arm to run right?! WRONG - I completed the 4.5 mile run to find Jim relaxing - He was done. Upon seeing me trying to put on my bike shoes he told me he took me out of the race. He knows Im not a quitter, so he quit for me. -Thanks Babe-

I do not expect anyone to understand why I got back on my bike. Mentally I thought I would be okay. I thought I could suck it up and just keep going. Physically, I could not. I do not regret it. Whenever I get hurt its difficult for me to feel comfortable again. I tend to ride scared and overly cautious. Now when I get the green light I think I will be okay. Just don't make fun of my bubble wrap.

Jim unwrapped my arm and asked Nurse Karen, also out of the race, to look at my injury - She promptly went into nurse mode and grabbed her supplies. She picked out more rocks-n-such and flushed my wound while I screamed in her ear.
Apparently Dr. Christmas missed the hole in my elbow and she applied some butterflies hoping they would hold. Thank you Karen - I hope your foot heals.

Watching the other racers was hard. I did get to drink beer and eat some great grilled foods prepared by Jason. The winner of the mens 12 hour did 6 laps!! A new record. This guy was so fast he even lapped the second place fella. Emily won the 12 hour with 4 laps, Carrie was not far behind.

Upon seeing my regular doctor on Monday- he called the ER and let them know I would be there shortly. My arm was swollen and a scary red color. Jim left work early - and spent the next 5 days by my hospital bed - but that's another story.

Currently, my arm is in a sling and I'm incapable of typing, so my dish-washing, babysitting, lawn-mowing, laundry-doing son is typing for me. He's just great :-)


  1. Holy Shit! I am so glad you are ok, and nice work on the still strong finish! MTB Racing is a crazy thing, because no matter how hard you train or ride one crash can decide it all. Keep your attitude and state of mind superior and all will be fine!

  2. d-d-d-damn, looks like that ER doc did a shitty job, you should get an awesome scar. I'm jealous, all my cycling scars are for shit.

    Way to represent.