Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What would you do???

So, on Monday I took the Major on a 25 mile road ride. My ride was great until about 2 miles from home. I was approaching a RED light and noticed a car from the left lane swerve over into my lane and proceed to cut me off and place his Jeep Wrangler tire on the curb. The light was RED . I proceeded to unclip and move around him, to the sidewalk. He rolled down his passenger window and pointed to the sidewalk and informed me, with rage, " the F***ing sidewalk is where you belong you dumb bitch". Hmmmm. I slid my glasses down my nose and thinking out loud, looked him square in the eyes and said" you are a misinformed douchebag" and turned my body away from him and toward Hwy N waiting for the light to change. He revved his engine and hopped off the curb and rolled to the white line. I thought he would take off first, but he waited for me to go and swerved at me as we were crossing Hwy N. Several motorists honked as I felt my heart beat nearly outta my chest. If I was a guy would he have said that? Was he just mad at his mother and feeling a little macho? I was going to let it go until I saw him at QT. I rolled past him and asked him " who do you think you are? My husband is a Ofallon police officer and would be very upset if you hit his wife and mother of his 4 yr old." He just looked at me stupidly and said " Im sorry" He was only embarrassed that I was a little loud and other people at QT heard me . Any other time there is at least one cop at QT. I would have talked to a cop and filed charges if there had been one there. What would the charges have been? He did not hit me, just pretended to. Harassment? Maybe.

Jim, not an Ofallon cop, suggested that I take a picture with my phone next time and report him. Good idea, but I hope there is not a next time. I would like to thank Mr. Brazil for starting this outrage in our community. Whether people agree or disagree with the cycling ban still does not give anyone the right to run a cyclist off the road or pretend to . Plus, I was not in any of the areas in question so why was this guy so mad at me? He did not have to go around me or slow down and he came into my lane . So, how would you have handled this?

Truthfully, my first instinct was to climb through his window and punch him for calling me a dumb bitch. I know that was my gut reaction and I am glad I did not go with it. However, next time he may not get off so easy. I throw a pretty good right and plan to follow with a quick left, so I feel sorry for the next guy.


  1. I was driving home from MasterCard Monday & saw you on your bike - almost beeped but didn't want to distract you or have you think I was being an aggressive driver. Little did I know...So sorry this happened to you and even more sorry some can't share the road like decent human beings. One of many reasons I prefer the tranquility of a trail.

  2. Don't worry, he's just upset that his baby dick is tiny, flacid, and unused.

    Cocksucking dick-nose.

  3. CFR beat me to it. People are mouthy from their vehicles for the same reason they're mouthy on the internet...they're safe in there.

    One time I leaned into a window and asked some fucker if he'd ever had is ass beaten by a guy wearing spandex.

    It's the same old story, people are just fucking stupid. How many times a day do you dodge a car being driven by some ignorant fuck who's updating their facebook status via cell phone?

    I think the more we put up with it the worse it will get. If somebody finally pulls one of these fuckers out of their car and throws em a good old fashioned beatdown maybe they'll mellow the fuck out.

    Or start shooting our asses..