Sunday, August 1, 2010

Saving the best for last

So its true. If you build it they will come. They sure did come out in force this past Thurs. We had arrived by 530 and still had to park near the overflow parking. We hadnt even unloaded our bikes and Jim was already in trouble, who knew you couldnt have alcohol in that part of the park? I was very excited about this last race since Jim would be racing in the cheerleading kit. Now everyone knows why I love him and intend on keeping him. You have to admit he did look oddly sexy in it.
When the race started I thought there were like 100 people in the B class. I was wrong, there were only about 90. The first turn grabbed several victims, since about 2 bikes could fit through. The Major needs some love and some new brake pads. Not having brakes on that turn alone caused me to take a guy down . I did apologize and he laughed and said something about "women bikers".

This was the last crit so I gave it everything I had and then some. I was not in line for any hardware, just trying to build some confidence. These races are way outta my comfort zone. I am not fast so my main objectives are to stay upright and not get lapped. I am not used to such a large crowd watching either. Kinda makes me nervous. Anyway, I rode the Major like a stolen mountain bike. I picked some bad lines , at first. I was feeling quite confident but definitely riding with some' reckless abandon '. There were 2 girls I knew directly behind me. Pedal, pedal faster, played over in my head. I could hear the spectators cheering for both of them , which fueled my fire to keep them behind me. On my last lap I went down, pretty effin hard, slid down that short rocky spot just after the bridge. Dont know what caused it, but was amused that I fell on my right side. Great, thats a first. Lucky for me I have another Power Ranger sleeve if I intend on making this a habit. I got up and then noticed 1 of the chicas was gonna pass me. She did and while blood, from my knee, filled my right shoe I chased her. Catch her, pedal faster, your bleeding, now my mantra.
The leader just informed me he was behind me. He said " can I pass when your ready". " Sure, go now on the left" was my response. Not long after came three chasers. The leader of the three was itching to get around me, but I would have had to stop and get off my bike to let him pass. I was not willing to do this, I was racing too. I guess he got impatient. Basically, I took a tree for this guy and those that followed. I brushed it off and pedaled on to catch the chica. Who I found , off her bike about 5 seconds ahead. I asked her if she was ok and pedaled on. I was absolutely pissed when I finished and could not reel it in like I can most times. After speaking with the other girl I found out that they did the same thing to her. Which made me even madder. There are not many women who mountain bike. And it pisses me off to see that those of us that do get treated like that. Excuse me, but I am passionate about his. I will get out of anyones way, but when its safe. A little common courtesy goes a long way. I guess he is lucky that I did not find him since my blood was boiling. These races were for fun and I let some A- hole take my fun factor right into the toilet. I feel badly for being so angry, but in the future, if you are not a member of TEAM SEAGAL I will not take a tree for you. PERIOD.
That being said, I am over it. I look forward to the partay at Lone Wolf today. I made several good contacts at these races and look forward to riding and learning from them. Next year will be amazing , dontcha think?

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